Mathematics Department Computing Labs

Last update: [28-Mar-1996]


The computing lab facilities are located in Building 129, directly east of the Mathematics Department, and in Room 120 of the Mathematics Department.

Schedule for B129

Telephone numbers

B129 Lab: 581-3982
Graduate Lab: 581-3465
Computing Staff: 581-5257


The building 129 lab, partially financed by Task Force funds, is available to all faculty, staff, and students at the University of Utah. Students taking a mathematics course should already have an account. If you need to request an account, contact one of the lab assistants or one of the computing staff.

The Graduate Lab is accessible by key card only.


If you need help, contact one of the lab assistants or one of the staff, send e-mail to, or call 581-5257.

Also, explore the links on the lab home page. There you can learn about electronic mail, and tools like Maple, which helps you to plot graphs and do computations.



The following hand-outs are available in the lab on the table in front of the lab assistant's office. For some there is a small charge. If a hand-out is not available on the table, ask the lab assistant for it. Online copies are also available; select an item to view it. PostScript copies of these documents suitable for printing are available in the directory /u/cl/doc/handouts. Use the print-ps-twoside command, rather than the lpr or print commands, for printing them on the lab duplex printers, to avoid getting the job header page on the same sheet of paper as the first document page.

B129 Lab Equipment

JWB120 Lab Equipment