How to make your own web page

Getting started

Below are directions for setting up web pages in your Unix account. Or alternately give the command websetup on any of our Unix systems.

  1. Create a directory public_html at the root of your directory tree, then make it readable and executable by everyone:
    % cd                      -- cd to your home directory
    % mkdir public_html       -- make the new directory
    % chmod a+rx public_html  -- make it readable and executable by all
  2. Change the protection of your home directory to allow search access by everyone:
    % chmod o+x ~/.           -- make it executable (searchable) by others
  3. Create a file called index.html in public_html. This will be your home page. For a sample home page, look at the sample page below.

    Sample Page | Source File

    To see how it was written, use your browser's " view source" command or click on the link "Source File". By comparing a page and its source, you will learn to compose your own pages. (See the references at the bottom of the sample page for further information or use a template ).

  4. Make sure that your index.html file is readable by all.

  5. Send a message to asking for your page to be linked. The link to your page can be found on the People page, which is linked to the Math home page .

  6. If your user name is xyz, then the " address" of your web page will be
    If you happen to be running a web server on a Mac or PC, then web pages on these servers can also be linked our pages.


An easy way to get write your first web page is to use a template which already has all the boring stuff:

Template | Template Source

You can copy the template source to get started.