PostScript is a language used to describe graphic images, and it is the language that most computers use to talk to most laser printers. Click here to see such an image, and click here to see the PostScript version. (The first click requires you to have a PostScript viewer installed on your system). Viewing and printing PostScript files

Unix PostScript viewers

On Unix machines, you one way to view PostScript file is with ghostscript ( gs ). Here is an example for the file .
% cd /u/cl/lib/PostScript/  # that's where the file is
% gs
To print a PostScript file you may use the print command:
% print
This prints the file on your default printer. To specify the printer, e.g., b129lab1, use this:
% print b129lab1
You can also use the lpr command (consult man lpr ) Another PostScript viewer is ghostscript:
% ghostview


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Sample PostScript files

Look in /u/cl/lib/PostScript/ for some sample PostScript files, e.g.,