Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar is a joint seminar in Nonlinear Analysis,
PDE, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Applied Math,
organized in past years by Jingyi Zhu, Mark Lewis, David Eyre, Andrej Cherkaev, Klaus Schmitt,
Grant Gustafson, Richard McLaughlin, Graeme Milton, Sasha Balk, and Ken Golden.
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3:30-4:30pm Mondays, AEB 340

Spring 2002 Lectures

March 4: Frank Stenger (School of Computing, University of Utah)
Well Posed Inversion

March 11: George Gazonas (US Army Research Laboratory)
Computational Design and Optimization of Light-Weight Armor

March 18: Bob Palais (University of Utah)
Dimension Reduction for Molecular Classification Problems

March 21: Fadil Santosa (University of Minnesota)
Localization and Wave Guidance in Photonic Bandgap Optical Devices

March 25: Georg Dolzmann (University of Maryland)
Nematic Elastomers

April 15: Vadim Apalkov (Department of Physics, University of Utah)
Directional Emission from a Microdisk Resonator with a Linear Defect

April 22: Ken Golden (University of Utah)
Problems in Electrorheological Fluids

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