Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar is a joint seminar in Nonlinear Analysis,

PDE, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Applied Math,
organized in past years by Jingyi Zhu, Mark Lewis, David Eyre, Andrej Cherkaev, Klaus Schmitt,
Grant Gustafson, Richard McLaughlin, Graeme Milton, Sasha Balk, and Ken Golden.
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3:30-4:30pm Mondays, INSCC 110

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Spring 2001 Lectures

February 12: Roderic Lakes (University of Wisconsin/Madison)
Deformation of extreme composites

February 19: no seminar

February 26: Andrej Cherkaev (U of U, Math)
Bounds for properties of thermo-elastic composites

March 5: Alexander Balk (U of U, Math)
Anomalous Behavior of a Passive Tracer in Wave Turbulence

March 12: no seminar

March 19: Alain Karma (Northeastern University, Physics)
Dynamics of "Discordant Alternans" in Cardiac Tissue

March 26: Pierre Suquet (CNRS)
A numerical method for nonlinear composites with complex microstructure
Note the time change 4:00pm-5:00pm

April 2: Toshio Yoshikawa(U of U, Math)
Dynamics of a mass-spring system with a non-monotone stress-strain relation

April 6: Susan Friedlander(U of Illinois-Chicago)
The Ubiquity of Fluid Instability
Note the day change - FRIDAY

April 9: Deborah Sulsky (University of New Mexico)
Membrane Simulations

April 16: Liya Zhornitskaya(U of U, Math)
Positivity Preserving Numerical Schemes for Lubrication Type Equations

April 20: Vassili V. Toropov (Bradford, UK)
Use of Approximation Techniques and Genetic Programming for Optimization and Inverse Problems
Note the day change - FRIDAY

April 23: John Cahn (NIST)

April 30: Sergey Serkov(U of U, Math)
Imperfect interfaces, inhomogeneities, and neutral inclusions

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or Sergey Serkov (801-581-6638,

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