Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar is a joint seminar in Nonlinear Analysis,
PDE, Materials Science, Fluid Dynamics, and other general Applied Math subjects,
organized in past years by Jingyi Zhu, Mark Lewis, David Eyre, Andrej Cherkaev, Klaus Schmitt,
Grant Gustafson, Richard McLaughlin, Graeme Milton, Sasha Balk, and Ken Golden.
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3:30-4:30pm Mondays, LCB 215

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Fall 2002 Lectures

September 23:  Liya Zhornitskaya (University of Utah)
The Weak Link Problem: an Asymptotic Approach

September 30:  Graeme Milton (University of Utah)
The Exact Photonic Band Structure for a Class of Periodic Media: a Spectral Problem

October 14:  Elena Cherkaev (University of Utah)
Symmetries and Bifurcations in Optimal Design

October 28:  Vadim Apalkov (Department of Physics, University of Utah)
Strongly Localized State of a Photon at the Intersection of the Phase Slips in 2D Photonic Crystal with Low Contrast of Dielectric Constant

Speakers are needed for 2002-2003!
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