Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar is a joint seminar in Nonlinear Analysis,

PDE, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Applied Math,
organized in past years by Jingyi Zhu, Mark Lewis, David Eyre, Andrej Cherkaev, Klaus Schmitt,
Grant Gustafson, Richard McLaughlin, Graeme Milton, Sasha Balk, and Ken Golden.
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3:30-4:30pm Mondays, INSCC 110

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Fall 2001 Lectures

October 1: Faul Fife (University of Utah)
The modeling and analysis of patterns in polymer science

October 8: Jingyi Zhu (University of Utah)
A PDE modeling of corporation default and credit derivatives

November 5: Gregory Seregin (University of Minnesota and Steklov Institute)
Recent regularity results for weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations

Speakers are needed for 2000-2001!
Please contact Andrej Cherkaev ( (801) 581-6822,, or Jingyi Zhu ( (801) 581-3236,

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