Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Applied Math Seminar

This seminar is a joint seminar in Nonlinear Analysis,

PDE, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, and Applied Math,
organized in past years by Jingyi Zhu, Mark Lewis, Andrej Cherkaev, Klaus Schmitt,
Grant Gustafson, Richard McLaughlin, Graeme Milton, Sasha Balk, and Ken Golden.
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3:30-4:30pm Mondays, INSCC 110

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Fall 2000 Lectures

September 5: Valery Smyshlyaev (University of Bath, UK)
High frequency diffraction by smooth and non-smooth obstacles: asymptotics and numerics
ABSTRACT, Note the day change - TUESDAY

September 11: Andrejs E. Treibergs (U of U, Math)
Stability for Zhu's combustion problem: The evolution of plane curves by a nonlocal curvature flow

September 18: Arcady Chipouline (U of U, Physics)
On the question of optical properties of micro/nanostructures

October 9: Graeme W. Milton (U of U, Math)
Partial differential microstructures

October 23: Jack P. Simons (U of U, Chemistry)
Electronic Structure Theory - One of the Three Branches of Theoretical Chemistry

October 31: Nicholas D. Alikakos (University of Athens and BYU)
Perturbation Problems In Geometric Evolution
ABSTRACT, Note the day change - TUESDAY

November 6: Thomas E. Cheatham, III (U of U, Medicinal Chemistry)
Issues and successes in molecular dynamics simulations of nucleic acid structure, dynamics and energetics

November 27: Karl B. Glasner (U of U, Math)
Optimal Transport, Diffuse Fluid Interfaces, and the Hele-Shaw Problem

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