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Lauren McComber

Lauren McComber

Project Coordinator

Office: JWB 235
Phone: (801) 581-7152 


  • RTG grants (includes all grant related responsibilities such as purchases

  • Reimbursements

  • Travel

  • Recruitment

  • Workshops

  • Conferences and seminars [preparing posters and posting information]

  • Graduate student traineeships and stipends

  • Tuition payments

  • Insurance payments

  • Annual reports etc. (related to RTG grants)

  • Daily tea and colloquium tea

  • Scholarship submittal

  • Department colloquium (arrangements for colloquium guests and reimbursements, weekly colloquium list)

  • First back up to front office

  • Posting of weekly seminar list and colloquium posters

  • Coffee machine maintenance and coffee supplies

  • Assists with general office work as needed

Administrative Support for:
Adler, Fred
Alberts, Tom
Alfeld, Peter
Balk, Alexander
Bressloff, Paul
Bromberg, Ken
Cangelosi, Amanda
Cecil, Matt
de Fernex, Tommaso
Field, Elizabeth
Fogelson, Aaron
Hacon, Christopher
Hohenegger, Christel
Horvath, Lajos
Howe, Sean
Huang, Hsiang-Ping
Jovanovic-Hacon, Aleksandra
Keener, Jim
Lamarche, Alicia
Lee, Yuan-Pin
MacArthur, Kelly
Milicic, Dragan
Nesse, Will
Noonan-Heale, Rebecca
Osting, Braxton
Patel, Priyam
Rassoul-Agha, Firas
Schwede, Karl
Singh, Anurag
van Opstall, Michael
Wear, Peter
Wortman, Kevin
Last Updated: 6/8/21