John M. Zobitz  
Graduate Student,
University of Utah Mathematics

Email: zobitz AT math DOT utah DOT edu
LCB 333, (801) 585-1637

Last update: October 2, 2006

Research Interests

 The global carbon cycle is driven by interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere, terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere and anthropogenic fossil fuel inputs. My goal is to use mathematics to model carbon cycle processes at multiple spatial and temporal scales, elucidate and resolve measurement-based uncertainty of carbon cycle processes, and from the combination of the first two goals, improve model-based estimates.  The mathematics I utilize include:

My dissertation research links measurement and modeling based approaches to terrestrial carbon cycle models and measurements in order to:
  1. resolve diurnal patterns of carbon cycle processes from measurements
  2. evaluate measurement-based uncertainty in the carbon cycle
  3. use a model-data assimilation approach to estimate and interpret parameters for a process-based ecosystem model.

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A pdf file of my CV can be found here.