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Presentation Schedule

Date Presentor Paper Link Snack Person Who you are meeting with
1/13 Becky Constant proportion harvest policies: Dynamic implications in the Pacific halibut and Atlantic cod fisheries Ryan  
1/23 Heather How limit cycles and quasi-cycles are related in systems with intrinisic noise Becky  
1/27 Greg A Tale of Two Stories: Astrocyte Regulation of Synaptic Depression and Facilitation Heather Cheryl
2/3 Chris See email: A mathematical model of formce generation by flexible kinetochore-microtubule attachements. Greg Laura
2/13 Leif Collective cell migration guided by dynamically maintained gradients Chris  
2/20 Kyle Modeling Cyclic Waves of Circulating T Cells In Autoimmune Diabetes Leif Cheryl
2/24 Sam A Mathematical Theory of Visual Hallucination Patterns Kyle Laura
3/3 Bhargav Biophysics of filament length regulation by molecular motors Sam  
3/24 Jenna An infrequent molecular ruler controls flagellar hook length in Salmonella enterica Bhargav  
3/31 Bin Neuronal (Bi)Polarity as a Self-Organized Process Enhanced by Growing Membrane Jenna  
4/2 Katrina Mechanisms generating bistability and oscillations in microRNA-mediated motifs Bin  
4/7 Hallie Combining two strategies to improve perfusion and drug delivery in solid tumors -Note: The model is in the SI at the end of the article Katrina Cheryl
4/14 Andy The Distribution of Fluid Forces on Model Arterial Endothelium Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Hallie Laura
4/17 Dan A mathematical Framework to Study the Effects of Growth Factor Influences on Fracture Healing Andy Cheryl
4/21 Ryan A one-dimensional model of trail propagation by army ants Dan Laura

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