Journal Club

Presentation Schedule
Date Presentor Paper Link Snack Person Who you are meeting with
1/28 Jenna Life at Low Reynolds Numbers Jie Cheryl
2/4 Katrina Competition between Small RNAs
Supporting Material
Jenna Megan
2/11 Heather Epilepsy in Small-World Networks Katrina  
2/25 Leif Modeling Immunotherapy of the tumor-immune interaction Heather  
3/4 Vera Characterizing Deep Brain Stimulation effects in computationally efficient neural netowrk models Leif  
3/18 Bhargav Cooperative Cargo Transport by Several Molecular Motors Vera  
3/25 Bin A cellular automata model of tumor-immune system interactions Bhargav  
4/1 Becky A Mathematical Model for Quorum Sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Bin  
4/8 Jie Feedback Regulation in Lactose Operon Becky  

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