My research interests are in algebraic geometry. More specifically, I study the birational geometry of algebraic varieties in both zero and positive characteristics, as well as its applications to other areas.

I am a participant of this NSF Focused Research Group.


  1. (with Fei Xie) Vanishing on toric surfaces arXiv: 1707.02645

  2. On the characterization of abelian varieties for log pairs in zero and positive characteristic, submitted. arXiv: 1610.05630

  3. Rational curves on hypersurfaces, submitted. arXiv: 1604.04663

  4. On relative rational chain connectedness of threefolds with anti-big canonical divisors in positive characteristics, submitted. arXiv: 1512.06189

  5. Generic vanishing and classification of irregular surfaces in positive characteristics, to appear in Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. arXiv: 1503.08384