A. Givental

Mirror Symmetry and Quantum Cohomology

A conference celebrating the mathematical influences of Alexander Givental
on his 60th birthday

Berkeley, 12-14 May 2018

This conference centers in the Gromov--Witten theory, mirror symmetry and symplectic geometry, as well as their connections with other subjects, such as algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics. It will be an occasion to celebrate the 60th birthday of Alexander Givental, who has inspired and shaped the development of these areas for more than 30 years.
Conference Venues
(not yet finalized)
Program and Schedule
will be posted as they become available.
This conference is organized by Givental's students, with assistance from D. Auroux and A. Okounkov. For administrative assistance, please contact Y.-P. Lee, T. Milanov, H.-H. Tseng,

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