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Keyvan(=K1) Yaghmayi
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
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Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Tel: +1 801 581 6208
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I am graduate student at the University of Utah working under the supervision of Tommaso de Fernex . My research areas are algebraic geometry, tropical mathematics, valuation theory, and Berkovich spaces. More specifically, I use techniques from birational geometry and algebraic topology to study the homotopy type of Berkovich spaces. I am also interested in tropical geometry and its interaction with Berkovich spaces.

I received my M.Sc. from Sharif University of Technology and got some taste of number theory, central simple algebra, and tropical geometry. Here is my CV .


Summer 2017: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (2250-001)   Syllabus     Feedback  
Spring 2017: Calculus III (2210-003).   Syllabus     Feedback  
Summer 2016: Calculus II (1220-003).
Spring 2016: TA for Calculus II (1220-003) taught by Nathan Smale.
Fall 2015: Calculus I (1210-001).
Summer 2015: Trigonometry (1060-003).
Fall 2014: Calculus I (1210-008).
Fall 2013: Trigonometry (1060-002).
Spring 2013: College Algebra (1090-003).
Fall 2012: Quantitative Analysis (1100-005).