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Keyvan(=K1) Yaghmayi
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
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I am instructor of Mathematics at the University of Utah. Last year, I graduated with PhD in mathematics under the supervision of Professor Tommaso de Fernex. My research lied in-between of max-plus algebra, topology, and Berkovich spaces; more specifically, I used techniques from birational geometry and cubical hyperresolutions to study the homotopy type of Berkovich spaces over trivially valued fields. Here is my Research Statement from last year.

Before joining the University of Utah, I received my M.Sc. in Mathematics from Sharif University of Technology and got some taste of number theory, tropical geometry, and central simple algebra.

Currently I work on my "Edge Detection" project by combining fuzzy inference system with neural network to make an efficient edge detection algorithm. In the past, I did some basic projects about Motion Detection, Colorization, and Facial Outline.


Summer 2019 : Introduction to Differential Equations (Math 2280-001). Please log into Canvas .

Fall 2018 : Calculus II (Math 1220-002). Please log into Canvas.
Fall 2018 : Business Calculus (Math 1100-003). Please log into Canvas.
Summer 2018: Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning (Math 1030-002).
Summer 2017: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (Math 2250-001)  
Spring 2017: Calculus III (Math 2210-003).
Summer 2016: Calculus II (Math 1220-003).
Spring 2016: TA for Calculus II (Math 1220-003) taught by Nathan Smale.
Fall 2015: Calculus I (Math 1210-001).
Summer 2015: Trigonometry (Math 1060-003).
Fall 2014: Calculus I (Math 1210-008).
Fall 2013: Trigonometry (Math 1060-002).
Spring 2013: College Algebra (Math 1090-003).
Fall 2012: Quantitative Analysis (Math 1100-005).