What is wrong with this picture

In 2003, you could see the following poster on every street corner, and every bus stop in Israeli cities. It was part of a campaign for bridging gaps between different sectors in Israeli society, lead by a non profit organization called “appeasement order”.

Their slogan was: “Let’s solve it together”. The problem is: We can’t!!! Can you see why?

A few weeks passed, and the word of the insolvability of the cube in the poster quickly spred by word of mouth. The newspapers, in turn, published cynical editorials on the futility of the campaign and the insolvability of Israeli problems at large. Soon after, the posters were replaced with ones depicting solvable cubes. 

Whether this was a successful campaign or not, is not for me to say, but at least it made the whole nation talk about the cube, if only for a week.

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