Mapping Class Group



I helped to produce notes for Lee Moshers class on mapping class groups (I added figures and some comments to his slides)


August-December 2007 at MSRI


Class 1

Goals for the class, a description of the solution of the conjugacy problem for MCG(T2) (I did not edit these slides)

Class 2

Proof of the classification of conjugacy problem for MCG(T2), rectangle decomposition.

Class 3

Classification of elements in MCG(S), Teichmuller space, uniqueness of pA representatives of a mapping class.

Classes 4, 5 and 6 combined

Invariants of conjugacy classes of pseudo Anosov homeos, solution of problem in case of pA.

Class 7

Solution of conj problem in the case of periodic mapping classes

Class 8

Solution of conj problem in the case of reducible mapping classes

Class 9

Omnibus subgroup theorem implies three older theorems

Class 10

Proof of Tits alternative

Class 11

Proof of Omnibus subgroup theorem.

Notes for Mladen Bestvina's class: GROUPS AS METRIC SPACES