Mathematics 5600

Survey of Numerical Analysis

Spring 2005

Time and Place:  T,H 9:10-10:30am, JTB 120
Instructor:  Grady Wright, JWB 126, 581-8649, Email:
Office Hours:  T,W,H 10:35-11:45am and by appointment.

Please see the  syllabus for more information.


See "How to Present your Work" for instructions on writing up your homework assignments.  You may also be interested in this page describing some basic mathematical  symbols.
Assignment Solutions Notes
HW01 HW01 Solutions ramanujan_pi.m, compute_e.m, plot_approx_e.m
HW02 HW02 Solutions utah.bmp, gauss_seidel.m
HW03   neville.m
HW04   trig_interp.m
HW06 Last homework assignment! euler.m, ex1f.m, ex1Euler.m

Final Project

As discussed in the syllabus, there will be a final project instead of a final exam. Information about the final project can be found here.


For some introductory tutorials in MATLAB, please see the following links:


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