Mathematics 1010

Intermediate Algebra

Spring 2007

Time and Place:  TH 10:45-12:05pm, JFB 101
Instructor:  Grady Wright, JWB 126, 581-8649, Email:
Office Hours:  TH 12:05-1:05pm, or by appointment (email is best).

Please see the  syllabus for more information.


All homework will be done using WeBWorKs.

Homework will open on Wednesdays and close 12 days later on Sunday at 11:59pm.


All exam dates are stated on the first page of the syllabus. All exams but the final will take place in the regular lecture hall (JFB 101) and regular lecture time.

Final Exam: Tuesday, May 1, 3:30-5:30pm, JFB 101

Information regarding the final exam:

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