Math 3210, Summer 2017

Foundations of Analysis I

Course Information


  • text: Foundations of Analysis by Joseph L. Taylor
  • class dates: May 15 -- August 4
  • class time: 8:45--9:45 am
  • classroom: LCB 219



  • Attendance is recorded with reasonable regularity, particularly on days of poor attendance.
  • Regular lectures are held on MWH. Problem sessions are held on Tuesdays, when students are asked to present problems from the weekly assignment on the blackboard. Students who volunteer to present a problem in a session will receive 100% on that week's homework set.
  • The weekly assignments can be accessed in the 'Assignments' tab. A subset of the problems are graded. Late homework is not accepted, but the lowest two assignment scores will be dropped.
  • grading

    • 5% -- attendance
    • 10% -- assignments (lowest two dropped)
    • 50% -- midterm exams (lowest dropped, 25% each for other two)
    • 35% -- comprehensive final exam


  • For many of the students, this is a first course in university-level, modern mathematics. The purpose of the course is to learn how to form correct, rational arguments called "proofs". This is done in the context of a rigorous development of the calculus of functions of one variable. Particular emphasis is place on constructing correct, logically sound derivations and arguments. We will cover the material of chapters 1 through 5 of the textbook (and also chapter 6 if time permits).
  • additional stuff

  • For assistance, students are encouraged to visit the instructor during office hours and/or to make an appointment to meet the instructor at an alternate time.

    Students are also encouraged to visit the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Center, which features drop-in tutoring, a computer lab, and study rooms.
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