Math 2270, Fall 2017

Linear Algebra


  • text: Linear Algebra and its Applications by Lay, Lay, and MacDonald (5th Edition)
  • class dates: 21 August -- 7 December, 2017
  • class time: MTWF 12:55 -- 1:45 pm
  • classroom:
    • ST 208 (on MWF)
    • LCB 225 (on T)



  • Regular attendance is crucial for learning linear algebra.
  • Projects are assigned weekly. Some projects will require the use of a computer algebra program like Sage.
  • sagemath . org
  • Weekly homework is assigned. It will be neither collected nor graded, but is essential to master the subject.
  • There will be three midterm exams held in class and a comprehensive final exam.


  • Linear algebra is the mathematical theory with which we analyze arrays. As such, it is a subject that is rooted firmly in both theoretical and applied mathematics, with deep applications to a wide-ranging list of subjects that include computer animation and graphics, statistics and related data sciences, medical technologies, physics, engineering, etc.

    Topics include: Euclidean space, linear systems, Gaussian elimination, determinants, inverses, vector spaces, linear transformations, quadratic forms, least squares and linear programming, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and diagonalization. The course will include both theoretical and computer lab components.
  • grading

    • 20% -- projects/assignments
    • 50% -- midterm exams
    • 30% -- comprehensive final exam
    • 90--100% -- A
    • 80--89% -- B
    • 70--79% -- C
    • 60--69% -- D


  • prerequisite: a "C" or better in Math 2210, 1260, 1280, 1320, or 1321.
  • For assistance, students are encouraged to visit the instructor during office hours, to make an appointment to meet the instructor at an alternate time, and/or to visit the T. Benny Rushing Mathematics Center for drop-in tutoring.
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