Tyler Skorczewski

Research Assistant Professor

University of Utah
Department of Mathematics, LCB 311
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112-0090
Email: tskorc (at) math.utah.edu
Webpage: www.math.utah.edu/~tskorc
Tel: +1 801 585 1642
FAX: +1 801 581 4148


My goal as a teacher is to develop a relationship with each student to create a learning environment where students develop the confidence and ability to approach topics in science and technology with mathematical thinking and proper communication of results.

Here is a review game for partial derivatives based on the game Spot-it!


What students say:

  • "The availability of Dr. S to the students was by far the best I have experienced in my university experience. My success was based in his willingness to help."
  • "Dr. Skorczewski went out of his way to make time for his students outside of regular class hours and office hours. This was a saving grace for many of us in the class. [He] made sure that no one was left behind. Until now, I’ve honestly never had a math class where I could say we covered all of the material or even that I understood most of it. He may be a research professor, but he’s a damned fine lecturer too."
  • "... was always willing to help students and highly encouraged any questions in class. He also worked hard to get to know his students and it improved the overall environment of the class."
  • "His lectures were very good; it is hard to make a 2 hour math lecture enthralling, but somehow Professor Skorczewski did it."


My research interests include working with mathematical models in biology and industrial applications, along with scientific computation and simulation. I am currently working with Dr. Aaron Fogelson modeling blood clotting. My doctoral dissertation is concerned with simulating the flow of suction feeding in fish. Other work I have done includes fluid mechanics of absorption, surface science of paper products and various sensor physics problems while at Kimberly-Clark. I have also worked on projects dealing with the design of liquid crystal displays, hard disk air bearings, and the design of RF MEMS switches.

Recent Publications

  • Skorczewski, T., Cheer, A., Wainwright, P.: The benefits of planar circular mouths on suction feeding performance. Journal of the Royal Society Interface (2012).
  • Skorczewski, T., Crowl, L., Fogelson, A.L.: Platelet motion near a vessel wall or thrombus surface in 2D whole blood simulations. Biophysical Journal (2013).
  • Skorczewski, T. Griffith, B., Fogelson, A.L.: Multi-bond models of platelet adhesion and cohesion. AMS Contemporary Mathematics Series on Biofluids (accepted 2013).
  • DeViney, B., Skorczewski, T.: Suction feeding on multiple prey. PLoS ONE (submitted 2013).

Student Opportunities
I have some project ideas that are appropriate for a semeseter long research experience for undergraduates (REU) project. If interested please contact me!

Recent Students:

  • Ben DeViney (2013) - Suction Feeding on Multiple Prey