Math 1321-004 Accelerated Engineering Calculus II

Instructor: Dr. Qinghai Zhang
Email: qinghai at math dot utah dot edu
Phone: 801-581-8174
Classes: M, T, W, F 10:45-11:35 am, LCB 215
Lab: Th 9:40-10:30 a.m. at AEB 306 or 10:45-11:35 a.m. at AEB 320
Office hours: T, Th, 4:05p.m-5:05p.m., LCB 302

The complete syllabus is here.


Based on feedback from previous semesters, we are now considering an extra session of lab time. Our decision will be highly influenced by the votes from the students. After the first quiz, you will probably know whether or not you need extra lab time. If you do, please send an email to emcoordinator at math dot utah dot edu stating that you elect to have extra lab time together with your name, course number and session. Other comments and thoughts will also be welcome.

Hereafter all announcements will be made through Canvas. You can also find homework assignments, handouts, discussions there.


homework 1 is due 2013-JAN-18.
homework 2 is due 2013-JAN-28: problem 19 of 8.7 and other hints .
homework 3 is due 2013-FEB-11.
homework 4 is due 2013-FEB-18.
homework 5 is due 2013-FEB-26.
homework 6 is due 2013-MAR-04.
homework 7 is due 2013-MAR-18.
homework 8 is due 2013-MAR-25.
homework 9 is due 2013-APR-01.
homework 10 is due 2013-APR-08.
homework 11 is due 2013-APR-15.
homework 12 is due 2013-APR-23.

Summary Handouts

summary 1: series
summary 2: Taylor series
summary 3: Vectors and Geometry
summary 4: Vector functions and curves
summary 5: Partial derivatives
summary 6: Multiple integrals
summary of all materials covered in this course


memorization sheet for exam 1
memorization sheet for exam 2

Competition for Extra Credit

mind map for Chapters 9 and 10

First-place winners: Alec Bonham (27.5) and Colby Foote (23),
Second-place winners: Carl Condas (21), Snehal Gajiwala (19), and Jacob Hopkins (18.8),


The distribution of scores on Mar-22-2013 (After exam 2)
midterm scores
The distribution of scores on Apr-05-2013 (After exam 3)
midterm scores

The distribution of scores on Apr-30-2013 (After final exam)
midterm scores
Final grades distribution:
A: 13 students; B: 6 students; C: 5 students; D: 2 students; E: 2 students.