Course Title: Introduction to Scientific Computing using C
Course Number: MATH 2160 - 1
Instructor: Andrejs Treibergs
Home Page:
Place & Time: M, W, F, 12:55 - 1:45M in LCB 115
Office Hours: 11:45-12:45 M, W, F, in JWB 224 (tent.)
Prerequisites: Math 1210 or consent of instructor.

Syllabus for Math 2160§1.

The objective of this class is to learn to use the computer as a tool for thinking about and solving mathematics problems. We will use the C programming language. The programming notions will be discussed as they are needed in mathematical appications.
The following mathematical topics will be covered:

Note to students who want to use their personal computers: If you are using linux operating system, it comes with a C compiler (GNU gcc), so you are ready to go.
If you are using some flavor of Windows, I know of two C compiler packages which are freely available on the internet: djgpp (a port of GNU gcc to windows) and lcc. See also the system for windows CYGWIN Since I don't use Windows and have not tried these, you're on your own.

Homework Assignments and Solutions
       First Homework        First Homework Solutions
       Second Homework        Second Homework Solutions
       Third Homework        Third Homework Solutions
       Fourth Homework        Fourth Homework Solutions
       Fifth Homework        Fifth Homework Solutions
       Sixth Homework        Sixth Homework Solutions
       Seventh Homework        Seventh Homework Solutions

You will be asked some mathematical questions on each assignment. The solutions will require mathematical explanations as well as C programs. The due dates are stated on the assignments. Late work will be accepted up until the instant that solutions are posted. I expect to post solutions on the Tuesdays after the due date at about 5:00 pm. You will only receive credit for programs that run correctly.

A Short Glossary of C Instructions

Today's Demonstration Program

Lecture Notes.

  1. First Week Examples
  2. Second Week Examples
  3. Third Week Examples
  4. Fourth Week Examples
  5. Fifth Week Examples
  6. Sixth Week Examples
  7. Seventh Week Examples
  8. Eighth Week Examples
  9. Ninth Week Examples
  10. Tenth Week Examples
  11. Eleventh Week Examples
  12. Twelvth Week Examples
  13. Thirteenth Week Examples
  14. Fourteenth Week Examples
  15. Fifteenth Week Examples

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