Math 1060 — Spring 2012

room and time
6:00PM on TH in JTB310
office hours
Before class on Thursdays in JWB307
pdf available here


If you have questions about homework or concepts, please e-mail me or come to office hours. If I'm not available, consider the tutoring center in the basement between JWB and LCB. It is a great place to ask questions, or to simply sit and do homework.

There is a review for exam 2 with solutions.

There is also a review for exam 3 with solutions. The solutions for exam 3 itself are available here.

There is a review for exam 4 with solutions.

Here is the final exam review. Solutions are here. Note that several corrections have been made; if you were confused by a question in the final review, check the version in the solutions to see if there has been a clarification.

  midterm exams

There  will be four midterm examinations. Your lowest scoring exam will be dropped. The exams will be given on January 26th, February 16th, March 8th, and April 12th. No make-ups will be administered without a university approved excuse!

  final exam

The final exam will be on Tuesday, May 1st from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Please bring your student ID.


Homework is on WebWork. Assignments are due every Thursday at 6:00pm.

There is an (ungraded) algebra review sheet available here.

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