Damon Toth

Damon J.A. Toth

Research Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics

Office: LCB 315
Phone: (801) 585-7657
Fax: (801) 581-4148
Email: toth@math.utah.edu

University of Utah
Department of Mathematics
155 S 1400 E, Room 233
Salt Lake City, UT
84112-0090 USA


D. Toth, Bifuraction structure of a chemostat model for an age-structured predator and its prey. Journal of Biological Dynamics 2: 428-448 (2008).
available online

D. Toth, Strong resonance and chaos in a single-species chemostat model with periodic pulsing of resource. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 38: 55-69 (2008).
available online

D. Toth and M. Kot, Limit cycles in a chemostat model for a single species with age structure. Mathematical Biosciences 202:194-217 (2006).
available online