University of Utah
Department of Mathematics
155 S 1400 E
Salt Lake City, UT  84112

Contact Information

Office:  JWB, Room 124
Telephone: (801) 581-4278
FAX: (801) 581-4148

General Information

I am a VIGRE postdoctoral Assistant Professor/Lecturer at the University of Utah.  I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, where my thesis advisor was Dr. Phillip Griffith .  (The webpage for The Conference honoring the contributions of Phillip Griffith, which I co-organized, can be accessed below.) My area of interest is Commutative Algebra.  In particular, I study the behavior of maps on divisor class groups determined by hypersurface sections.  I seek to understand and locate the pathology of these maps.


For detailed information on my research interests, please see my research statement, which is available in .ps, .pdf, and .dvi formats.  My preprints are also available.


I have long been interested in the teaching of mathematics.  As a former high school teacher and teaching assistant, I have taught a variety of courses, using several different instructional methods.  In addition, at the University of Illinois I worked as a Research Assistant, in the area of secondary mathematics teacher education, with Professors Susan Tolman and John Sullivan .  Their project, a cooperation between the Mathematics and Education departments at the University and Danville High School, seeks to improve teacher preparation.  At the University of Utah, I am an active participant in the Math Circle program for high school students, directed by Peter Trapa.  Moreover, I am currently working with an REU student through the VIGRE grant.  My course experience is listed in the table below.  For more on my teaching experience and philosophy, my statement is available in .ps, .pdf, and .dvi formats.  For a brief summary of my educational experience, see .ps, .pdf , or .dvi .

Calculus I, II, Bus. Calc. College & High School  Calculus and MathematicaMerit Workshop , Active Learning, Lecture 
College & Intermediate Algebra College Active Learning/Lecture/Discussion
Geometry, Algebra, Basic Math High School Lecture/Active Learning

Professional Activities


The table below provides an overview of my academic history.  For more detailed information about my education and teaching experience, please refer to my vita, available in .ps, .pdf, or .dvi formats .
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. Mathematics, 2003
Saint Louis University M.A. Mathematics, 1996
Indiana University B.S. Mathematics, 1991