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BIKES is the graduate student commutative algebra seminar at Utah. It's meant to be a friendly environment where graduate students can learn about topics in commutative algebra. BIKES stands for "Bridge Into Knowledge, E.g., the knowledge of commutative algebra, Seminar." This acronym is due, of course, to Jack Jeffries. BIKES meets Tuesdays at 11am in JWB 308.

We're always looking for more speakers. If you want to speak at BIKES but don't know what to talk about, see the list of topics below.

Ideas for talks

Schedule (Spring 2016)

January 26: Jenny Kenkel - Local cohomology
February 2: Javier Carvajal - Grothendieck Local Duality (Notes will be available soon)
February 9: Dan Smolkin - An introduction to D-modules
February 16: Javier Carvajal - The D-module structure of local cohomology modules
February 23: No BIKES
March 1: No BIKES
March 8: Andrew Bydlon - Kunz's theorem
March 15: Spring break
March 22: No BIKES
March 29: James Gossell - Segre products
April 5: John Hull - Buchsbaum-Eisenbud acyclicity criterion
April 12: John Hull - Buchsbaum-Eisenbud acyclicity criterion, part II
April 19: Adam Boocher - Macaulay2
April 26: Janina Letz - An application of Vasconcelos' lemma

Schedule (Fall 2015)

September 11 (Friday): we should go to Adam Boocher's seminar talk this week instead of BIKES
October 1: Hamid Hassanzadeh, "Linkages and Cohen-Macaulayness"
October 8: No BIKES
October 15: Fall Break
October 22: Ian Shipman, Matrix factorizations
October 29: No BIKES---colloquium
November 5: Linquan Ma, Hilbert-Kunz and Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity
November 12: No BIKES---colloquium
November 19: No BIKES---colloquium
November 26: Thanksgiving
December 3: Planning for next semester
December 10: Maral Mostafazadehfard, Local cohomology and determinantal ideals