Abstract Submissions

Abstract submissions are now closed.


Please fit the following on a single page PDF document and mail to smb2017@math.utah.edu with the following specifications. If a submission does not follow these guidelines, it may be ignored.

Subject line (choose one)

Choose one of the following subject lines depending on the submission type and copy it exactly.

SMB 2017 Contributed Talk Abstract
SMB 2017 Poster Abstract

File name

The file should have the name Last_First.pdf based on the name of the presenter. For example, if you were named George Orwell your file would be Orwell_George.pdf.


The following information (sections A through D) should be included in the submitted PDF document.

A. Authors

Full list of authors with information: name, address, email. Specify which author is the presenter.

B. Title And Abstract

Title (80 characters maximum)
Abstract (keep it reasonably short, definitely fits on page)

C. Area

Choose one primary and one secondary of the following areas that most closely describes the area for your abstract.

  1. Bacteria & Biofilms
  2. Biochemical Networks
  3. Cancer
  4. Cell Biology
  5. Computational Biology
  6. Data Analysis and Statistics
  7. Developmental Biology
  8. Dynamical Systems
  9. Ecology
  10. Epidemiology
  11. Evolution
  12. Fluids
  13. Immunology
  14. Neuroscience
  15. Pharmacology
  16. Physiology and Biomechanics
  17. Plant Biology
  18. Systems biology
  19. Other (describe)

D. Additional Information

For those submitting contributed talks:
Would you will be willing to present a poster if there is not sufficient room in the schedule for a talk?

For those presenting posters:
If you are a student, would you like to be entered for a poster prize?