Poster Session

Monday, July 17, 6:30-800, Natural History Musuem of Utah


PS1: Bacterial biofilm formation: Experiment, Model and Sensitivity Analysis
Manu Aggarwal* (, Florida State University), Nick Cogan
PS2: Bacterial Persistence, Mathematical Modeling, Experimental Validation and Parameter Estimation
Sepideh Ebadi* (, Florida State University), Nick Cogan,
PS3: Generalized theory on the mechanism of DNA renaturation : Stochastic Nucleation and Zipping
Gnanapragasam Niranjani* (Indian Institute of Technology), R. Murugan
PS4: Residue interaction network metrics suggest commonalities among amyloidogenic proteins
Jeddidiah Griffina* (, East Tennessee State University), Patrick C. Bradshaw
PS5: Transport of Particles in a Biofilm-lined Hot Spring Effluent Channel
Benjamin Jackson* (Walla Walla University)
PS6: BioSimulator.jl: Stochastic Simulation in Julia
Alfonso Landeros* (, University of California Los Angeles), Alexander Alekseyenko, Kevin L. Keys, Kenneth Lange, Mary E. Sehl


PS7: Quantifying the Immune Response Emanating from Prostate Cancer Treatments
Johnna Barnaby*, Harsh V. Jain
PS8: Characterisation of Macrophage Infiltration into Solid Tumours
Joshua Bull* (, University of Oxford), Sarah Waters, Vicente Grau Tom Quaiser, Franziska Mech, Helen Byrne;
PS9: Differential dynamics of p53 in response to ionizing and ultraviolet radiation
Elizabeth Fedak*, Frederick R. Adler, Joshua Schiffman University of Utah
PS10: A tumor induced angiogenesis model calibrated with in vivo MRI data
David. A. Hormuth* (, The University of Texas at Austin), II, Angela M. Jarrett, Xinzeng Feng, Thomas E. Yankeelov
PS11: A spatiotemporal model of breast cancer using patient specific MRI data
Angela M. Jarrett* (, The University of Texas at Austin), Stephanie L. Barnes, David. A. Hormuth, II, Xinzeng Feng, Wei Huang, Thomas E. Yankeelov
PS12: Mathematical modeling of brain tumor abrogation by immunotherapy with T11 target structure
Subhas Khajanchi*, Sandip Banerjee Bankura University
PS13: The legacy of necrosis in tumour response to fractionated radiotherapy
Thomas Lewin* ( , Oxford University), Helen Byrne, Philip Maini, Heiko Enderling
PS15: Mathematical Model of HPV and the Disruption of Tissue Homeostasis
Anna K. Miller* (, University of Utah), Karl Munger, Frederick R. Adler
PS16: Cell Repair Mechanisms Responsible for Chemotherapy Resistance in Brain Tumors.
Inmaculada Sorribes*, Harsh Jain
PS17: Evolution of treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer
Khoa Dang Ho, Paige N. Mitchell, William J. Baker, Jonathan Trautman*, Chandler M. Grant, Alaina E. Daum, and John D. Nagy Arizona State University
PS18: Emergence of Chemotherapeutic Resistance in a Evolutionary Game Theoretic Model
Drew Williamson* (, Case-Western Reserve University), Nara Yoon, Artem Kaznatcheev, Andriy Marusyk, David Basanta, Jacob Scott


PS19: A space-jump derivation for non-local models of cell-cell adhesion.
Andreas Buttenschoen* (, University of Alberta), T. Hillen, A. Gerisch, K. J. Painter
PS21: Cytosolic Liquid-Liquid Phase Transitions in Multinucleate Cells
Kelsey Gasior* (, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jia Zhao, Jay Newby, Erin Langdon, Greg Forest, Amy Gladfelter
PS22: Modelling persistence in motion in cell migration at multiple scales
Enrico Gavagnin* (, University of Bath), Christian A. Yates
PS23: Length distribution dynamics of intermediate filaments
Marine Jacquier* (, University of Manitoba), Norbert Mucke, Stephanie Portet
PS24: Numerical investigation of skin burn injuries with cell regeneration using wavelet method
Pappu Kumar* (, Indian Institute of Technology), K. N. Rai
PS25: Modeling the effects of Aβ on calcium signals through IP3 receptors.
Joe Latulippe*, Joe Minicucci Norwich University
PS26: Understanding zebrafish pigmentation patterns through mathematical modelling
Jennifer Owen* ( University of Bath)
PS27: Modeling Actin Regulations by Cofilin in Motility Structures of Cancer Cells
Nessy Tania* (, Smith College)
PS28: A mathematical model of DNA methylation dynamics in somatic cells
Kiersten Utsey* (, University of Utah), James P. Keener
PS29: Chemotactic Cell Migration Models for the Zebrafish Posterior Lateral Line Primordium
Leif Zinn-Bjorkman* (, The University of Utah), Frederick R. Adler


PS30: MET Transition in Somite Formation using Cellular Potts Model
Priyom Adhyapok* (, Indiana University Bloomington), Sherry G Clendenon, J. Scott Gens , James A Glazier
PS31: Forecasting Influenza Incidence with CDC Web Traffic Data
Wendy K. Caldwell* (, Arizona State University), Geoffrey Fairchild, Sara Y. Del Valle
PS32: Application of the Immersed Boundary Method to Epithelial Bending
Fergus Cooper* (, University of Oxford), Ruth Baker, Alexander Fletcher, Jeremy Green
PS33: Feedback Analysis in the Kidney
Irina Cristali* (, Duke University), Anita Layton
PS34: Bayesian Estimate of the Parameters of a Stochastic Differential Model of HIV Incidence in the United States
Renee Dale* (, Louisiana State University), BeiBei Guo
PS35: Synchronization hubs may arise from rhythmic inhibition in gamma oscillations
Stefanos Folias* (, University of Alaska Anchorage), Shan Yu, Abigail Synder, Danko Nikolić, Jonathan Rubin,
PS36: Using Mixed Effects Modeling to Analyze Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Rachel French* (, Western Kentucky University), Rachel Turner*, Jacob Menix, Richard Schugart
PS37: A continuum model of growth with active patterning
Teemu Häkkinen* (, Aalto University), Jukka Jernvall
PS38: Modeling nucleosomal DNA in living yeast: Nucleolus dynamics and structure
Caitlin Hult* (, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), David Adalsteinsson, Paula Vasquez, Josh Lawrimore, Kerry Bloom, Greg Forest,
PS39: Identifying Optimal Sampling Distributions for Individual Patients
Nigar Karimli* (, Western Kentucky University), Ayush Prasad, Richard Schugart
PS40: Organoid3D: the role of microenvironmental heterogeneity on the development of breast tumor spheroids elucidated with computational modeling
Aleksandra Karolak*, Branton Huffstutler, Zain Khan, Dmitry A. Markov, Lisa J. McCawley, Katarzyna A. Rejniak Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
PS41: Decomposing leaf hydraulic conductance with a hybrid numerical method
Frank H. Lynch* (, Eastern Washington University), Gretchen B. North
PS42: Modeling the Effect of Perfluorooctanic Acid on the Survival of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Cells
Jocylin D. Pierro†*, Angela L. Peace, Sarah J. Webb, Céline A.J. Godard-Codding Texas Tech University
PS43: Quantifying the Impact of Trypsin on In Vitro Viral Infections
Thalia Rodriguez*, Hana Dobrovolny
PS44: MeshmerizeMe: A Tool for the Creation of Curvilinear Meshes for Immersed Boundary Simulations
Michael Senter*, Laura Miller
PS45: Optimal control of vaccination rate in an epidemiological model of Clostridium difficile transmission
Brittany Stephenson* (, University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Cristina Lanzas, Suzanne Lenhart, Judy Day
PS46: Defective Interfering Particles: Intracellular interference in Poliovirus
Jakub Voznica* (, University of California, San Francisco), Elsa Rousseau, Yuta Shirogate, Igor Rouzine, Simone Bianco, Raul Andino


PS47: Mechanical constructs of population survival dynamics
Tim Eakin* (, The University of Texas at Austin), Tarynn Witten
PS48: Particle Diffusion and Competitive Receptor Binding
Gregory Handy Alla Borisyuk, Gregory Handy* (, University of Utah), Sean Lawley
PS49: Modeling Daphnia growth under concurrent stoichiometric and toxicological constraints
Md Nazmul Hassan*, Kelsey Thompson, Gregory Mayer, Angela Peace Texas Tech University
PS50: A Study of Pharmacokinetic Model
Qianning Liu* (, New Mexico State University), Robert Smits
PS51: How should behavior be treated in coupled contagion models?
Matthew T. Osborne* (, The Ohio State University), Joseph Tien
PS52: Ecotoxicological Models under Stoichiometric Constraints
Angela Peace*, Md Nazmul Hassan, Kelsey Thompson, Gregory Mayer Texas Tech University
PS53: Data-Based Modeling and Implications of Within-Host Dynamics of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus
Bruce Pell* (, St. Olaf College), Amy Kendig, Elizabeth Borer and Yang Kuang
PS54: Infectious viral dynamics of cellular coinfection in human respiratory tract
Lubna Pinky* (, Texas Christian University), Hana M. Dobrovolny
PS55: Stochastic simulations of HIV persistence
Daniel B Reeves* (, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), Elizabeth R Duke, Adam R Spivak, Joshua T Schiffer
PS56: Two types of nonlocal diffusions and the convergence to the random/normal diffusion
Xiaoxia Xie* (, Idaho State University), Wenxian Shen
PS57: Modelling on Coral Reefs Ecological System
Yepeng Xinga* (, Shanghai Normal University), Pei Yub
PS58: Oscillations in epidemic models with spread of awareness
Winfried Just, Joan Saldana, Ying Xin* (, Ohio University)


PS59: Numerical Methods on Irregular Domains for Animal Movement Models
Arjun Ayyangar* (, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology), Martha Garlick, James Powell Arjun.A
PS60: Competitive advantage of starvation driven diffusion on strong competition system
Wonhyung Choi*,Inkyung Ahn, Korea University
PS61: Testing Animal Motility Estimation Methods Using Simulations
Shaina Colombe* (, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology), Martha Garlick, James Powell
PS62: The impacts of ecosystem engineering and sea-level rise on spread of invasions
Robin R Decker* (, University of California, Davis), Alan Hastings
PS63: How Competing Causes of Cellular Damage Shape the Evolution of Aging
Benjamin Hardisty University of Utah
PS64: Associational Resistance and Optimal Foraging
Samantha Hill* (, University of Utah), Fred Adler
PS65: Comparing optimal and feedback control of the yellow fever mosquito (A. aegypti)
K. Harrison Holmes* (, University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Richard Rebarber
PS66: Artificial selection for dispersal in experimental metapopulations of Tribolium
Adam T. Hrabovsky* (, Arizona State University), Sarah H. Ung, Michele V. Moreno, Kerry J. Calhoun, Perry Olliver, John D. Nagy
PS67: Human behavior change in terms of the addictive behavors
Jae Hun Jung* (, Pusan National University)
PS68: Competing Barnacle species with time dependent reproduction rate
E.Kadaub* (, University of Texas at Dallas), Dmitry Rachinskii, Maxim Arnold
PS69: A Juvenile-Adult Model for an Amphibian Population with Distributed Birth and Metamorphosis Rates
Baoling Ma* (, Millersville University of Pennsylvania), Azmy Ackleh, Qihua Huang
PS70: Invasion by competing types in a discrete heterogeneous habitat
Judith Miller* (, Georgetown University), Camille Hankel
PS71: When to expect predator-prey coevolutionary arms races
Mark Zimmerman* (, North Carolina State University), R. Brian Langerhans


PS72: A “Rule-of-Five” Framework for Models & Modeling to Improve Student Learning
Richard Schugart* (, Western Kentucky University), Carrie D. Eaton, Hannah C. Highlander, Kam D. Dalquist, M. D. LaMar, Glenn Ledder
PS72a: Mathematical modeling and analysis using MATLAB and SimBiology to support drug development
Fulden Buyukozturk* (, MathWorks), Christina Friedrich


PS73: The use of transmissible, vectored vaccines in disease management
Andrew J. Basinski*, Scott L. Nuismer, Tanner J. Varrelman, Mark Smithson, Ryan H. May, Christopher H. Remien
PS74: Optimal Intervention Strategies for the Spread of Obesity
Oh Chunyoung* (, Chonnam National University), Masud Ma
PS75: Staged Progression and Retrogression Model of Influenza
Willa Del Negro Skeehan* (, The Ohio State University), Joe Tien, Marisa Eisenburg, Kyle Bagshaw
PS76: A novel mathematical model of HIV and malaria epidemiology
Clayton A. Grubb* (, Scottsdale Community College), Ryan S. Maziarz, Michele V. Moreno, Chandler Grant, Aleesa Monaco, Nicholas Roberts, John D. Nagy
PS77: Estimating Disease Transmission Coupling from Spatio-Temporal Epidemic Data
Karsten Hempel* (, McMaster University), David Earn
PS78: Yield to the Resistance: The Impact of Nematode Resistant Varieties on Alfalfa Yield
Scott Jordan* (, Utah State University), Luis F. Gordillo
PS79: Impact of dengue infection on feeding behavior of Aedes aegypti
Byul Nim Kim* (, Kyungpook National University), M A Masud, Yongkuk Kim, Won Gun An
PS80: Mathematical model and control strategies for 2009 A/H1N1 influenza in Korea
Soyoung Kim* (, Konkuk University), Jonggul Lee, Eunok Jung
PS81: Analysis of a vector-bias effect in the spread of malaria between two different incidence areas
Sungchan Kim*, M. A. Masudb, Giphil Choa, Il Hyo Junga, Pusan National University
PS82: The Role of HCWs in a Trade-off Model between Contact and Transmission for EVD.
Eduan Martinez-Soto* (, The Ohio State University), Joseph Tien.
PS83: Co-infection dynamics in a novel model of HIV and malaria
Ryan S. Maziarz, Nicholas Roberts* ( Arizona State University), Michele V. Moreno, Aleesa Monaco, Chandler Grant, Clayton A. Grubb, and John D. Nagy
PS84: Do pathogens promote invasion of alien species?
Kengo Nagata* (, Kyushu University), Yoh Iwasa
PS85: Tajima’s D & site-specific nucleotide frequency of pathogen during its outbreak
Ryosuke Omori* (, Hokkaido University), Jianhong Wu
PS86: Modeling the mitigation of Zika and dengue fever by infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia
Zhuolin Qu* (, Tulane University), Ling Xue, James Mac Hyman
PS87: Using Cellular Automata to Model the Epidemic of Gun Violence in Chicago, IL
Shelby M. Scott* (, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
PS88: The Effects of Domestic Animals on Human African Trypanosomiasis Transmission
Sagi Shaier* (, Kennesaw State University), Meghan Burke
PS89: A Multi-Group Model to Describe The Transmission of Healthcare-Associated Infections
Thomas Nogueira Vilches* (, Universidade Estadual Paulista), Cláudia Pio Ferreira
PS90: Optimal control strategies depending on interest level for the spread of rumor
Yong Dam Jeong* (, Pusan National University), Kwang Su Kim, Il Hyo Jung


PS91: Sensitivity Analysis of a Cardiovascular-Respiratory System Model under Constant Workload
Pio Gabrielle B. Calderon, Aurelio De los Reyes* (, University of the Philippines Diliman), Franz Kappel
PS92: Modelling plant growth: what are the limitations to carbon allocation?
Bethany Holland* (, The University of Sheffield), Richard Clayton, Nick Monk, Colin Osborne,
PS93: Exploring the Effect of Membrane Curvature on Lipid Flow
Ross E. Magi* (, Walla Walla University), James P. Keener
PS94: Optimizing Flow in Branching Lymphatic Vessels
Anne Talkington*, Laura Miller University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PS95: Cell swimming driven by cortical tension gradients
Hao Wu* (, University of Minnesota Twin Cities), Hans G. Othmer


PS96: Using dynamic rna-seq gene expression to model flu vaccine immune response
Bryan A Dawkins⋆(, University of Tulsa), Brett A McKinney
PS97: Mathematical model of hematopoietic system with myeloid bypass
Shoya Iwanami*, Ryo Yamamoto, Hiroshi Haeno, Shingo Iwami Kyushu University
PS98: Does Exhaustion Explain Low T-cell Functionality in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Granuloma?
Louis Joslyn*, Eileen Wong, JoAnne Flynn, Denise Kirschner University of Michigan Medical School
PS99: A mathematical model explaining the effect of Raphanus Sativus on cancer diseases
Angelyn Lao* (, De La Salle University), Jan Marie Claire Edra, Kathleen Dane Talag, Maria Carmen Tan, Marissa Noel, Ma. Luisa Enriquez
PS100: Multiscale modelling of drug transport in systems pharmacology
Joseph Leedale*, Steven D. Webb, Rachel N. Bearon
PS101: Modeling Antibody-Mucus-HIV Kinetics
Timothy Wessler*, Alex Chen, Scott A. McKinley, Richard Cone, M. Gregory Forest, Samuel K. Lai University of North Carolina Chapel Hill