Minisymposia Submissions

Minisymposia submissions are now closed.

A minisymposium will consist of four or five 20-25 minute presentations with 5 minutes for discussion after each on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance in mathematics and its application to biology and medicine. There is flexibility in talk lengths to include one longer talk to introduce the area. Most minisymposia should fit within a two hour time block without a break.

A single organizer and optional co-organizer will choose the topic, identify and contact speakers to obtain their agreement to participate and a presentation title. Organizers are especially encouraged to include speakers from multiple countries and from underrepresented groups.

SMB and the conference organizing committee will not be able to waive the registration fee for minisymposium organizers and speakers or reimburse their expenses. Therefore, organizers should make no financial commitments on behalf of SMB to speakers when organizing their minisymposium.

Prospective minisymposium organizers should consider the following recommendations when selecting speakers in a minisymposium:

  1. Speakers should be selected primarily for their current contributions to the topic area, and to cover multiple perspectives on that topic.
  2. The first speaker should provide an overview of the topic area, put the whole area in perspective, particularly with regard to applications, and suggest new venues for continued research and application.
  3. SMB discourages minisymposia in which most of the speakers come from the same organization or are coauthors on the presentations.
  4. The total amount of time for the minisymposium is 2 hours (with a few set for 2.5 hours if needed) and the allotment of time for each speaker can be flexible. Therefore, it possible for the first speaker to provide a slightly longer talk than the other speakers.
Some FAQs for organizing a miniymposium can be found here.

Submission Guidelines

Please fit the submission on a single page PDF document and send it to to with the subject SMB 2017 Minisymposium Submission. The guidelines for a submission include

Organizer: name, address email
Co-organizer (if existent): name, address email
Title: (80 characters maximum)
Summary: We suggest the following outline:
1. Explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and why it is important in significant applications.
2. Identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems, including their advantages and shortcomings.
3. Describe the scope of your minisymposium.
Intended Audience:
Speakers and affiliations:
Schedule: (order of speakers and talk durations):
Additional comments or notes: