Last minute info


Everyone should be able to access the UGuest service. To get a faster connection, you can go to and select "long-term guest".

Name badge & tickets

Your name tag acts as your lunch ticket and as your ticket for entrance to the reception at the Natural History Museum on Monday. There are separate tickets for the banquet and the field trips.

Help and information

Find your way to the lobby and ask one of the volunteers clad in a red t-shirt with a giant elk on the front. For a little bit slower of a response, email us at or tweet to @SMB2017 with any questions. In emergencies, call 911, or the Campus Police at 801-585-2677.


If you have a car and are staying at the University Guest House or the Residence Halls, they will let you know about parking. If not, we've called off the parking guards for the lot behind the Commander's House, where there will be signs. If spots fill up, let us know.


Network to your fullest potential! For more details, read this insightful article: link. To help with this, you can find your friends (or future friends) by searching the list of attendees!


All talks will be in three buildings, the Conference Facility at the University Guest House, the Officer's Club and the Commander's House. Lunch and beverages will be served in each building on each day of the meeting.


Talks & activites

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