What if my question isn't asked often enough to be a frequently-asked question?
Get in touch with us at smb2017@math.utah.edu and we'll do our best to answer.
When will the conference start and finish?
Starts on July 17th at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. on July 20th.
Where is this conference anyway?
At the University Guest House and the nearby rooms in Fort Douglas on the campus of the University of Utah. Check out the map here.
Will there be reliable access to the Internet?
Yes, The University of Utah Guest Network and eduroam are both available throughout the conference site. More info can be found here.
What's the deal with this summer school link?
This conference is not affiliatied with th DECART (Data, exploration, Computation, and Analytics Real-world Training) summer school for the health sciences in any way, but due to the similarity in topic and time frame, the summer school is being advertised here. Interested individuals should follow the link and inquire within.


What are my accomodation options?
The University Guest House is where the meeting will be held, and we have reserved 120 rooms, including lots of doubles. We have reserved 200 rooms at the University of Utah residence halls. Many of these are shared, so if you are coming with a partner or a lab, please reserve as a group so that the singles are available for those coming on their own. There are also many hotels downtown, and some pretty amazing campsites under 45 minutes drive away, details on which can be found on the accomodations page.
How can I book accommodations?
We have links to the University Guest House and the University of Utah residence halls on the web site, along with links to some of the local hotels, all of which can be found on the accommodations page.
Can I stay extra days before or after the conference?
The standard days are to arrive on Sunday the 16th and depart on Friday the 20th. If you are coming to the mentoring session or the board meeting and need to arrive early, rooms will be available on the 15th, and for those leaving on the 21st, some rooms will be available on the night of the 20th. Of course, hotels will happy to add those days as available.


I need breakfast. Should I bring my own Froot Loops?
Both the Guest House and the dorms provide breakfast, as do many of the hotels. There will be light breakfast at the first coffee break at 10:00 a.m. Froot Loops are permitted throughout the conference site.
What if I need caffeine to stay awake through the talks?
There will be coffee and tea breaks in the morning and afternoon, and coffee, tea and hot chocolate are part of the breakfast package.
What is available in the way of nearby restaurants?
We'll have lunches at the conference site. For dinner, there is a cafeteria at the student dorms, and there are many excellent restaurants downtown and in Collegetown. Check out the map and list here, which will also be in the registration packet.
Can you accommodate my special diet?
Let us know of any special dietary requirements via the registration process, and appropriate meals will be arranged for you. At lunch, vegetarian meals will be available at standard catering points. If you have indicated any other special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, etc), specific packed lunches will be provided and named meals will be available at the banquet on Wednesday. We'll try to have some allergy-friendly options at the reception also. Please work with the Guest House and the residence halls for breakfasts.

Getting Around

How do I get to the conference from the airport?
You can take the TRAX green line to the Court House Station and transfer to the Red Line to University, getting off at the Fort Douglas stop. The current fare is $2.50. The maps show how to get from there to the conference facilities and residences. Uber, Lyft, and good old taxis are available and swift, and take well under 30 minutes. A taxi is about $30, and the others about $20.
Can I park a car on campus?
If you are staying at the Guest House or the residence halls, you will get a parking pass. If you want to drive to the conference itself, there will be parking at the conference site behind the Commander's House available during the day. There is parking at the Natural History Museum of Utah for the reception, and at the Rice-Eccles Stadium for the banquet.
How can I get around without a car?
The Fort Douglas TRAX light rail stop is a few minutes walk from the conference site, the Guest House and the residence halls. The red line connects directly to lower campus, restaurants near campus, and most of the downtown attractions and restaurants. The various ride companies all function efficiently in Salt Lake City.

Special Needs

Will there be childcare available?
Yes, there will be a child care room available throughout the meeting. Please indicate this on the registration form. There will be a fee to cover the costs.
How about disability access?
Yes. Please indicate your requirements when booking so that we can make an appropriate allocation.
I can't get through a meeting like this without alcohol.
That isn't a question, but there will be alcohol at the reception and the banquet, and Utah's liquor laws have been relaxed so that there is a nice selection of restaurants with liquor licenses near campus, and many more downtown, along with numerous bars and pubs.


Do I need to be an SMB member to register?
No, and if you are not an SMB member, when you pay for the non-member conference registration fee, you will automatically become an SMB member for year 2017. If you are a member of our affiliated societies, including the JSMB and ECTMB, the registration site should allow you to register at the member rate.
Do I have to pay the registration fee if I am invited to give a talk in a minisymposium or if I am a minisymposium organizer?
Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees.
Who should I contact if I require a formal confirmation of my registration and payment in order to apply for visa?
Please, send an email to smb2017@math.utah.edu with an email subject 'Registration and Payment Confirmation'.
How can I obtain a letter of invitation for visa application?
If you need a letter of invitation to apply for an entrance visa to US, please email smb2017@math.utah.edu with an email subject 'Invitation Letter'.
Is there any financial support available for travel and local expenses?
If you are an SMB member, you can apply for the SMB Landhal Travel Award. More information can be found here. The deadline for financial support is April 1st.
Do I need to give a talk or present a poster in order to attend the conference?
No. The conference is open to anyone interested in attending, including those who want to just relax and learn. Registration fees still apply.
What is the cancellation (refund) policy?

Requests for registration cancellations and refunds must be submitted in writing to the Society and postmarked by June 23, 2017. No refund requests will be granted after that date. An administrative $50 fee will be deducted from all registration cancellation refunds.

In cases of cancellations due to denied Visa entry to the USA, the full registration fee minus the processing fee of $50 will be refunded after having received a proof of the rejection from the corresponding embassy via email, mail, or fax and the rejection was not due to late application.

Talks & Minisymposia

Can I give more than one talk or present more than one poster?
No, we are restricting presenters to a single talk to leave room for all. You can of course be a coauthor on multiple talks and posters.
Can I give one talk and organize a minisymposium?
Yes, that would be fine.
Can I organize more than one minisymposium?
You can only be the main organizer of one, but could be a co-organizer of a second.
Can we create two linked minisymposium proposals?
Yes, as long as they have different main organizers. Please give them the same name, with an indication like "Part 1" and "Part 2" to let us know they are linked. We cannot guarantee that both parts will be accepted even if one is.of a second.
Do minisymposium speakers need to submit abstracts?
Yes, and that date and information will be provided soon after minisypmposia are approved.
When will the minisymposia be approved?
About two weeks after the deadline for submission.
Can I update my abstract before the meeting?
Only in emergencies, but we would prefer to use the initial submissions to put together the program and abstract book.
Duration of talks?
The contributed talks will be 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions, and minisymposium talks typically 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions, but some organizers may choose to mix in a longer talk and some shorter talks.
Can presenters use their own laptop, or should slides be added before the talk to a computer in the room?
You can use either method – we suggest that speakers report to their room 15 minutes before the start of their session to check that their presentations work and upload any necessary files. If you are using your own laptop, don't forget power cords and adapters.
Who should I send my request on scheduling the time of my talk if I have a special circumstance?
For a minisymposium talk, send your request to the organizer(s) of your session. For a contributed session talk, send your request to smb2017@math.utah.edu with an email subject 'Scheduling Time Conflict'. Such requests must be received prior to May 1st. We will try to accommodate your request but due to the size and complexity of the conference, there is no guarantee that your request can be honored.
What are the range of topics appropriate for submission of minisymposium proposals or contributed talk abstracts?
If you think it is mathematical biology, it almost certainly is. A partial list of topics is bioengineering, bioimaging, bioinformatics, cancer, cell biology & biophysics, conservation biology, developmental biology, ecology, ecosystems dynamics, education, epidemiology, evolution, evolutionary ecology, genetics & genomics, immunology, informatics, medical physiology, networks, neuroscience, phylogenetics, physiology, population dynamics, population genetics, systems biology, tissue biology & biophysics.


How large are the panels used for poster sessions?
Your poster should not exceed 4 feet by 4 feet.
When can I put up my posters?
The poster session on Monday is at the Natural History Museum of Utah, and we will have an early bus or two to take presenters up to set up their posters before the reception.
Will there be poster prizes?
We're working on it, and hope to have several.

Field Trips

When will you have the field trip options posted for Tuesday afternoon?
We're not sure exactly, but definitely by mid-April. Update: the registration is now available here!
How can I register and pay for those?
We'll have a special place on the registration site for that. Update: the registration is now available here!
Can I bring a guest on a field trip?
Absolutely, but of course they will have to pay the usual cost.

Prizes & Swag

Will there be other prizes?
Definitely. Stay tuned.
Will there be swag?
Yes, t-shirts and baseball cards for sure. And maybe other stuff...