Conference Theme

The overall conference theme is Mathematics and Health. Mathematical and computational methods have long played a key role in predicting and controlling the spread of infectious disease, are becoming increasingly important in understanding the physiology underlying both disease and health, and are now starting to make sense of the health of ecosystems and the resulting effects on humans and other animals. This conference will provide a cross-disciplinary forum for catalyzing mathematical and computational research at precisely these points of synergy.

Of course, any research at the interface of biology and mathematics is welcomed.


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More detailed information about events at the conference will be coming soon.

Exciting Things

  • Poster Session

    Share research in the beautiful Natural History Museum of Utah on Monday July 17.

  • Prize Talks

    Three talks by outstanding researchers receiving the Arthur T. Winfree, Akira Okubo, and Leah Edelstein-Keshet prizes.

  • Banquet

    Feast and mingle in the stunning upstairs of Rice-Eccles Stadium on Wednesday July 19.

  • Field Trips

    A free afternoon on Tuesday, July 18 for (to be planned) field trips to explore the beautiful outdoors of Utah.

Plenary Speakers

Marissa Baskett

UC Davis

Mark Chaplain

University of St. Andrews

Jonathan Dushoff

McMaster University

Mimi Koehl

UC Berkeley

Atsushi Mochizuki

Theoretical Biology Laboratory, RIKEN