Quantitative Analysis
Math 11000-001
Fall 2015
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Logistics: Math 1100-001 meets MWF 10:45-11:35 a.m. in SW 133.

My office hours are tentatively set up as follows: Mondays 11:40AM-12:40 PM in the Business School (room not yet assigned), Fridays 11:45AM-12:45 PM, in my office LCB 203.  If you need to see me outside of office hours, we can set up an appointment. You're free to drop by my office whenever you want, and if I am not busy, I'll be able to help you. My phone number is 801-581-7921 and my email address is smale "at" math.utah.edu.

Course details: This 1100-001 syllabus  contains detailed course information, including course outline, grading policy, etc.

Weekly reading assignments   will be in this directory.
Exams   will be in this directory. This will include copies review problems for the exams, and their solutions.
Homework and exam grades will be recorded on-line, using "CANVAS". As explaine in the syllabus, homework and quizes will be done using Enhanced WeAssign (EWA), an online platform accessible from your Canvas page