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      Teaching Math2210 (Summer 2011)


Ph.D, Applied Mathematics, University of South Carolina, 2009

MS, Applied Mathematics, Florida State University, 2005

MSc (Integ.), Mathematics & Scientific Computing, IIT Kanpur, India, 2004

Undergraduate Students supervised

Avery Waller, Evan Young

NSF proposal (in preparation): Kinetics of Gels



Publications (with Research Interests)

Mathematical biology, mucus, polyelectrolyte gels, active materials Details and animations

15.   S. Sircar and A. Waller,''A computational model of light propagating through a polyelectrolyte gel'', under preparation.

14.   S. Sircar, J. P. Keener and A. Fogelson,''Ion-mediated cross-shield driven mucin swelling kinetics'', under preparation.

13.   J. P. Keener, S. Sircar and A. Fogelson,''Polyelectrolyte gel swelling with donnan equilibrium: modeling and simulations'', under preparation.

12.   J. P. Keener, S. Sircar and A. Fogelson,''Influence of free energy on swelling kinetics of gels'', Phy. Rev. E 83(4-1), 041802 (2011)(pdf)

11.   J. P. Keener, S. Sircar and A. Fogelson ``Kinetics of swelling gels'', SIAM J. Appl. Math. 71(3), 854-875 (2011)(pdf)

10.   S. Sircar, ''A hydrodynamical kinetic theory for self-propelled ellipsoidal suspensions'', Int. J. Emerg. Multi. Fluid Sci. 2(4), 255-268 (2010)(pdf)

Applied mathematics, rheology of complex fluids, kinetic theory, liquid crystal polymers Details and animations

9.   J. Li, S. Sircar and Q. Wang ``Transient rheological responses in sheared biaxial liquid crystals'', Rheol. Acta, 49(7), 699-717 (2010)(pdf.gz)

8.   S. Sircar, J. Li and Q. Wang ``Biaxial phases of bent-core liquid crystal polymers in shear flows'', Comm. Math. Sci., 8(3), 697-720 (2010)(pdf.gz)

7.   J. Li, S. Sircar and Q. Wang ``A Note on the Kinematics of Rigid Molecules in Linear Flow Fields and Kinetic Theory of Biaxial Liquid Crystal Polymers'', Int. J. Emerg. Multi. Fluid Sci. 1(2) 115-126 (2009)(pdf.gz)

6.   S. Sircar and Q. Wang``Dynamics and rheology of biaxial liquid crystal polymers in shear flow'', J. Rheol. 53(4), 819-858 (2009) (pdf.gz)

5.   S. Sircar and Q. Wang ``Shear induced mesostructures in biaxial liquid crystals'', Phys. Rev. E, 78, 061702 (2008) (pdf.gz)

4.   M. Gregory Forest, S. Sircar, Q. Wang and Ruhai Zhou``Monodomain Dynamics for rigid rod and platelet suspensions in strongly coupled coplanar linear flow and magnetic field. II. Kinetic theory'', Physics of Fluids 18 ,103102 (2006) (pdf.gz)

3.  Q. Wang, S. Sircar, and H. Zhou, "Steady solutions of the Smoluchowski equation for nematic polymers under imposed fields,"Comm. Math. Sci., 3(4),605-620 (2005) (pdf.gz)

Computational fluid dynamics, compact schemes, DNS, LES Details

2.   T.K. Sengupta, S. Sircar and A. Dipankar, ``High Accuracy schemes for DNS and Acoustics'', J. Scientific Computing 26(2),151-193 (2006) (pdf.gz)

1.   S. Sircar and T.K. Sengupta, ``Receptivity of a low Reynolds number Bickley jet to harmonic vortical excitation'', proceedings of the 3rd MIT conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics, June 2005 (pdf.gz)


Honors and Awards

1.  MIT Young Researcher Fellowship (2005)

2.  Best Thesis Award, IIT Kanpur, India (2004)

Teaching Experience


Academic Affiliations

1.   SIAM

2.   AMS