Lyubima Simeonova-Nathan
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Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
155 S 1400 E, JWB 233
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
office: JWB 128
phone: 801-585-6036

Summer 2008: Math 3150 - PDE's for Engineers
Fall 2007: MATH 1100 - Quantitative Analysis

Summer 2007: Math 3150 - PDE's for Engineers
Spring 2007: MATH 1100 - 005 Quantitative Analysis
Summer 2006: Math 3150 - PDE's for Engineers
Fall 2005:
MATH2250 - Problem Sessions
Spring 2005: MATH1100 - Business Calculus
Fall 2004: MATH1100 - Business Calculus
2004: MATH1030 - Quantitative Thinking
Spring 2004: MATH1030 - Quantitative Thinking
2003: MATH1030 - Quantitative Thinking
Research  Statement
publications and preprints                                                                                                                               

D. Dobson and L. Simeonova, Spatial bounds on an effective complex permittivity for time-harmonic waves in random media,

L. Simeonova, O. Eso, D. Dobson and K. M. Golden, An effective complex permittivity for waves in random media with finite wavelength,

D. Dobson and L. Simeonova, Optimization of periodic composite structures for sub-wavelength focusing, (to appear in Appl. Math. & Opt.),
                   arXiv:0803.1474v1 [math.OC].        

    S. Haley and L. Simeonova, Manage with a Behavioral Contract, Lessons, 2005, 6(2), p. 9-11.