Homework will not be collected, but it is very important that you do it. The point of homework is to help you learn the material and the problems are the heart of this course. Often you will look at a problem and not know what to do right away. Also, you may find some of the problems rather long. Do not let these be excuses to give up. Some homework problems may just show up on the quizzes and exams. Since this is a 3-credit course, and the University's expectation is that each credit represents three hours per week of student effort on the average, the workload for this course is designed under the assumption that you will spend an average total of 9 hours per week on this course. This means that most of you will have to spend an average of two hours outside of class for every class. On some days, some of you will have to spend considerably more than two hours and may have to do more problems than those suggested.