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Morocco Canyon
 North Wash, Utah
 ACA Rating: 3A I
 4–6 rappels to 45’
A 1 to 1½ hour canyon with a 20–minute approach hike involving rappelling and downclimbs, anchor skills, and some wading when conditions are wet.

Standard canyoneering gear.
Ropes, webbing, and rapid–links for 4–6 rappels to 45 feet.

Drive south on Hwy 95 from Hanksville, and park at mile post 32.2 [CASAPARK,  UTM NAD83\WGS84 544657mE 4203408mN].

From the car spot, climb up a medium steep bowl in the Wingate Sandstone at the location shown on the map. There should be no more than a few spots where one has to make a high step. You should not encounter any climbing. After getting up about 50 feet of sandstone to a semi–circular bowl, make your way up and across to the right (south) with the intention of reaching the rim that makes up the divide between the Kayenta and Wingate Sandstones. Go as high as possible as you go along the rim and that will lead around the corner and up to the head of the small slot at MOROC,  UTM 545034mE 4203138mN.

After completing the canyon, hike back on the road to your vehicle.

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