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Hogwarts Canyon
 North Wash, Utah
 ACA Rating: 3A I
 4–7 rappels to 90’
A scenic 1½ to 2 hour canyon with a 45–minute approach hike, multiple rappels, some minor downclimbs and a small silo to cross.

Standard canyoneering gear.
Pothole escape tools for crossing a silo. Ropes, webbing, and quick links for 4–7 rappels to 90 feet.

Drive south on Hwy 95 from Hanksville and park at mile post 33.5 [HOGPK,  UTM NAD83\WGS84 545206mE 4201592mN].

From your vehicle, hike back to the Hog Springs Rest Area at mile post 33.2 [HOG,  UTM 544728mE 4201834mN]. Follow the trail through the Hog Springs Picnic Area and up the Hog Canyon Trail. Fifty yards after crossing the creek, leave the trail and cross the creek a second time to access a brushy gulch which leads up onto the sandstone on the east side of a small canyon which enters Hog Canyon from the south near its mouth. Continue upwards tending to the left (LUC) to gain the left–side (LUC) benches of the small canyon and make your way to the high point or pass of the ridge above you. Next, find your way down from the ridge by way of a rocky gully to the beginning of the slot [HOGWARTS,  UTM 544991mE 4201228mN)].

After completing the final rappel, simply hike over to your vehicle parked on the road.

Quality Rating:
You will find several rappels up to 90 feet and some minor downclimbs in this short canyon. Midway through the canyon is a small silo which requires one to either enter and exit using a pack toss, or to stem over with exposure.

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