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Harvey Halpern

Slickrock Ocean
Surfing the Slickrock Ocean
Watch Your Step
High above the San Juan
Weird Geology
Dusk in the Land of the Standing Mushrooms
Cummings Mesa
Aladdin’s Lamp
Greatest Campsite Ever
Crossing West Canyon
Prepping for Storm
Storm Approaching
West Canyon Midday
West Canyon at Sunset
Edge of Cummings at Sunset
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Fire Starter Kit
Giant Ladle Handle
Tea Anyone?
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Giles and the Crashed Flying Saucer
Abalone Pendant
Double-Sided Axe
Giant Spear point
Plaited Sandal
Water Pot
Julie and a Big Pot
Backcountry Navajo Wagon circa 1915
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Don't Stand Up
Roof Detail
Kachina Warrior
Riding the Wave
Looking towards Giles’ Mezzanine
Recovered Landscape
Early Morning Reflection
Near Camp
Wonderful Intersection
The Shield
Flying Saucer
Clouds and Rock
Thin Bridges
Paiute Mesa
Geology Textbook Cover
Never Again Traverse
Getting Water
Wall Detail Near Camp
Puddles Looking Towards Spectactular Ridge
Lost Cowboy From Piute Mesa
Southern Waterpocket Fold
Above Brimhall
Above Halls Creek Narrows
Back of Beyond
Seal Rock
The White Wave
In the Shade of an Overhang
It’s a Crazy Place
Red and White, Closeup
Flying Wallenda
Bud in the Mezzanine
Giles on the Mezzanine
Last Night
Old Haunts

Best in Show Wesminster
Bud at Three Finger Ruin
Behind Three Finger Ruin
Daub and Wattle
Peeking in
Kiva and Ladder
My Favorite Glyph Panel
Thousand Year Old Pipes and Paraphernalia
Fall in Owl Canyon
Golden Light, Death Hollow Narrows
In Death Hollow
Iron Mud
Colorful Death Hollow
Leaves on Death Hollow
Sunset on the Crown
Above the Rush Beds
The Crown
Lost Cowboy II
Spanish Leather
What's the Point?
Wish upon a Star
Steeper Than It Looks
Impossible Landscape
Getting Water
Giles and Clouds
Contemplating the Next Trip
Climbing above the San Juan River
Amazing CST
View of Piute Mesa
The Cosmic Cube
View from Base Camp
Campview at Dawn
Morris Burns South
Side Canyon Floor 1
Side Canyon Floor 3
Got Ya
Upright Bedding
Along the Kitty Cat Traverse
In Wingate Narrows
Fractured Floor
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Zen Garden II
Still Life, Dry Hollow
Jewelry Box I
Lunar Landing Site
Bill Gentry
Tom Streit & Cleopatra
Skeleton Mesa
Keet Seel from Skeleton Mesa
Unnamed Branch of Tsegi Canyon
Monument Valley from Skeleton Mesa
Under the Ponderosas
Big Point Arrowhead
Black on White
Ceremonial Ladle
Plain Ladle
Whole Pot
Mountain Lion Skull
Lichens and Fracture
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On the Way to Pyramid Peak
From Sahale Arm
Perfect Panel
Wyoming 2017
Tarn by Cube Rock Pass
On the Way to Cirque Lake
Jean in Alaska Basin
Lower Jean Lake
Pingora and Lonesome Lake
Peaks by Peak Lake
Thermal Feature Closeup
Return to
Nasja Mesa

Nasja Canyon Narrows
Dead Root
Nasja Mesa Paintbrush
Start of a Great Day
Flat Bottom Canyon
Looking Down into Anasazi Canyon
Crossing Anasazi Canyon
Hoodoos and Navajo Mountain
Flank of Navajo Mountain
Between Storm 2 and Storm 3
Nasja Mesa Potholes After Storm
Sunset from Surprise Valley
First Night
500 Feet above the Top of Rainbow Bridge
A Different Perspective
San Juan River
On the Way to the Mules Ear
Atop The Mules Ear
Topographic Mud
The Floor of Lower Johns Canyon
The Other Side
of the River

Arch and Talus Trail Tower, Nasja Mesa Ridge Run
Tom within Hidden Arch
Walking Stick
The Chessboard
Geometric Mud
The Mummy
Upper Cha Canyon
Double Rainbow
Storm Light
Navajo Mountain Sunrise
Wilderness Friends
The Maze
The Fins of Ernies Country
Deep in the Maze
The Three Musketeers
40 Thieves Cache
Vision at Dusk
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Floating Logs
Lost Cowboy
Sacred Datura
Sunrise by Wilson Canyon
The Other Horseshoe Bend
Wow Traverse
Deep within the Wow Traverse
Giles at the End of the Wow Traverse
The Fang
Doing the Limbo
Spear Tip
Mr. Moose Knuckles
Morris Burns Country
Anasazi Sandal
Dome Canyon
Giant Pothole
Conchoidal Varnish
Tsagieto Canyon Chockstone
Squiggle Rocks above Jayi Canyon
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Mt. Assiniboine at Dusk
Golden Cliffs
Tarn Below Warbonnet
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Jean’s Triumph
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Petrified Raindrops
Geyser Water
Caribou by Leffingwell
Annie Warner above Leffingwell
Tundra Beauty
Moss below High Camp
Brooks Range by Achilik River
Storm over Moose Creek Aufeis
Last Night by the Jago
Strolling on Backside Glacier
Backside Camp
Behind the Great Gorge
Storm Break over Tokosha Mountains
Sunrise Moonset Denali
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It’s an Outtie
Nuclear Tower, Nasja Mesa
Fold Canyon Floor Detail
Entrance to Sneak Route
Kaleidoscope Sand
Flamehouse Ruin
Candlestick Park
Early Morning Storm

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