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Harvey Halpern

Wyoming 2017

Tarn by Cube Rock Pass
On the Way to Cirque Lake
Jean in Alaska Basin
Lower Jean Lake
Pingora and Lonesome Lake
Peaks by Peak Lake
Yellow Spots in Yellowstone
Thermal Feature Closeup
Yellowstone Up Close

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Nasja Mesa

Nasja Canyon Narrows
Dead Root
Nasja Mesa Paintbrush
Start of a Great Day
Flat Bottom Canyon
Looking Down into Anasazi Canyon
Crossing Anasazi Canyon
Hoodoos and Navajo Mountain
Flank of Navajo Mountain
Between Storm 2 and Storm 3
Nasja Mesa Potholes After Storm
Sunset from Surprise Valley
First Night
500 Feet above the Top of Rainbow Bridge
A Different Perspective

San Juan River

On the Way to the Mules Ear
Atop The Mules Ear
Topographic Mud
The Floor of Lower Johns Canyon

The Other Side
of the River

Arch and Talus Trail Tower, Nasja Mesa Ridge Run
Bud on the Great Traverse, Nasja Mesa
Tom within Hidden Arch
Twisted Formation, Nasja Mesa
Walking Stick
The Chessboard
White Lichen
Geometric Mud
The Mummy
Upper Cha Canyon
Morning Moon
Double Rainbow
Storm Light
Glass Mountains at Sunset
Navajo Mountain Sunrise
Wilderness Friends
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