Letters from the Desert
from Steve Allen

Dear friends,

Another exciting year has passed. The big trip for the 1998 was a winter swim down the Rio Urique in Mexico's Copper Canyon. Our seven–man expedition, led by canyoneers Les and Bev Wilson from Berkeley, spent two weeks swimming down this eighty–kilometer–long river.

Why swim it?

The river is too small to boat and too rugged to hike. We spent six to ten hours a day in wetsuits floating, swimming, butt bumping, and running rapids. Lasting impressions: putting on frozen wetsuits in the morning, marveling at the beauty of this 7,000–foot–deep canyon, laughing with the indigenous Tarahumara Indians we met along the way, being searched at gun point by the Mexican Army, and—most importantly—enjoying the company of good companions. We smiled and laughed a lot on this voyage—nothing could be better!!!!

My New Year’s wish is that each of you have a great year and that our paths cross before too long.




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