VIGRE Minicourse on Variational Methods and Nonlinear PDE

Department of Mathematics, University of Utah

May 28 - June 8, 2002





Working groups

Lecture Titles

  • David Hartenstine and Jon Jacobsen, Variational Methods for k-Hessian Equations

    Lecture notes

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  • Vy Le, Variational Problems in the Space of Functions of Bounded Variation

    Lecture notes

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  • Jean Mawhin, Critical Point Theorems and Applications to Nonlinear Differential Equations

    Lecture notes

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  • Matthew Rudd and Klaus Schmitt, Variational Inequalities

    Lecture notes

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  • Nick Korevaar, Aleksandrov's Theorem and Symmetry

  • Jesse Ratzkin, Bernstein's Theorem

  • Andrejs Treibergs, Introduction to Mean Curvature

  • Nat Smale, Douglas's Solution to the Plateau Problem

    Lecture notes (Korevaar, Ratzkin, Treibergs, and Smale)

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