Franco Rota

University of Utah

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Derived categories student seminar (D-CatS)

Some students got together led by the interest in the study of the derived category and its relevance in algebraic geometry. In this page we keep track of our work and outline future intentions.

We divide tasks and each of us tries to understand some aspects of the mathematical ingredients of a paper, or to solve some of the problems it presents.

Summer 2017

It's been a busy year, but after working on our research problems and taking classes we finally resumed our group study. We read Emily Clader's notes on Orbifold cohomology and Landau-Ginzburg models, and from there we moved on to this introductory paper by Gomez on algebraic stacks. During the study of this paper, we found ourselves thinking aobut the Rees module construction and summarized it in some notes.

Summer 2016

Just putting some irons in the fire:

Spring 2016

Time and place: Fridays 10.30 - 11.30, LCB 322

The short term idea is to get familiar with this paper by Bridgeland, Stability conditions and Kleinian singularities.

  • 03/25: organization, planning.
  • 04/01: review and background. Representations of finite groups, Dynkin diagrams, Kleinian singularities and their resolutions (Huachen).
  • 04/08: Lie algebras, root systems (Franco).
  • 04/15: Fundamental groups of spaces of regular orbits of finite complex reflexion groups (after this paper by Brieskorn)(Thomas).
  • 04/18: (JWB 240 at 4.30 pm) Affine Lie algebras (Anna is helping us! We'll use these notes as a reference)
  • 04/22: Putting all together.
  • 04/29: Putting all together II.