Franco Rota

University of Utah

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Calabi-Yau manifolds and related geometries

This semester we would like to explore the topics presented in this book by Gross, Joyce and Huybrechts. We meet on Fridays 2-3:30 pm, and we take turns in presenting the material.

Time and place: Fridays 2 - 3:30, WBB 517

  • 03/06 (note the unusual date): Holomorphic symplectic manifolds, deformations of complex structures (Franco);
  • 03/15 (Thursday, 4 pm, in JWB 240): local Torelli Theorem, the Beauville-Bogomolov form (Stefano);
  • 03/30: Twistor space and moduli space (Huachen);
  • 04/06: Cohomology of compact hyperkähler manifolds (Stefano), projectivity of hyperkähler manifolds (Franco);
  • 04/13: Birational hyperkähler manifolds (Marin);
  • 04/20: The (birational) Kähler cone (Arnaud).