BIKES is the name of the Graduate student Commutative Algebra Seminar of the University of Utah.

This seminar provides a relaxed environment, in which students can practice giving talks and learn about commutative algebra from other grad students and post docs.

If you have any questions, contact Sandra Rodriguez at rodriguez at math dot utah dot edu.

Spring 2023

BIKES is held in JWB 208 (and online) on Fridays 3-4pm. This semester's BIKES is organized by Sandra.

January 13 N/A Organizational Meeting
January 20 Kriti Minkowski Inequality for Multiplicity of Ideals
February 10 Seungsu F-Splittings and Strongly F-Regular Rings
February 17 Peter The Test Ideal and The Multiplier Ideal Are Morally Equivalent
February 24 Brendan The Lean Theorem Prover and Formal Mathematics
March 3 Fellowship of the Ring
March 17 Trevor F-Pure Threshold and Semi-quasi Homogeneous Singularities
March 24 Fellowship of the Ring
March 31 Trung TBD
April 7 Anne TBD
April 14 Sandra TBD
April 21 TBD TBD

Fall 2022

BIKES is held in LCB 323 (and online) on Thursdays 4-5pm. This semester's BIKES is organized by Sandra.

August 24 N/A Organizational Meeting
September 8 Josh Bounds on Loewy length via derived categories
September 15 Antonia Examples and results on bounds on Loewy length via derived categories
September 22 Trung Big Cohen-Macaulay Modules and Homological Conjectures (Theorems)
September 29 Brendan Intersection Theorems in Local Algebra (part 1)
October 20 Daniel The Improveder New Intersection Theorem

Spring 2022

BIKES was held in LCB 323 (and online) on Thursdays from 2-3pm. This semester's BIKES was organized by Trung.

January 13 N/A Organizational Meeting
January 27 Hanlin Splinters and derived splinters
February 3 Peter Splinters and derived functors
February 10 Eamon Unit F-modules and local cohomology
February 17 Seungsu Discreteness and rationality of F-jumping numbers of hypersurfaces on regular rings
February 24 Vaibhav Local cohomology modules of a polynomial ring over the integers have finitely many associated primes
March 3 Trung Cellular resolutions and hull resolutions
March 17 Trung Morse resolutions
March 24 Peter An introduction to simplicial objects
March 31 Antonia The Dold-Kan Correspondence
April 7 Daniel Simplicial Rings and AndrĂ©-Quillen (Co)homology.
April 14 Vaibhav About the job market

Fall 2021

BIKES was held in LCB 222 (and online) on Thursdays from 2-3pm. This semester's BIKES was organized by Trung.

August 26 N/A Organizational Meeting
September 9 Seungsu F-purity and F-regularity
September 16 Vaibhav Introduction to differential operators
September 23 Devlin Differential operators in characteristic p
September 30 Trung A quick look at the singularity category
October 7 Jack Derived categories and the singularity category
October 21 Daniel Singularity category over a hypersurface ring
October 28 Hanlin Stable homotopy category
November 4 Peter D(R) and Ho(Mod-HR) are the same!
November 18 Annie + Daniel Taylor resolution
December 2 Sandra Simplicial resolution
December 9 Trung Scarf complex and Lyubeznik resolution

Spring 2021

This semester, E-BIKES (the enchanted version of regular BIKES) met on Fridays at 3pm. Daniel and Peter organized.

January 22 N/A Organizational Meeting
February 5 Trung Peskine-Szpiro
February 12 Sam Peskine-Szpiro
February 19 Peter Complete and torsion modules
February 26 Hanlin Complete and torsion modules
March 12 Ben Golod rings and DGAs
March 19 Daniel Golod rings and DGAs
March 26 Josh Golod rings and DGAs
April 2 Isaac F-signature in affine semigroup rings
April 9 Vaibhav How bad are pinched Veronese rings?

Fall 2020

This semester, E-BIKES (the enchanted version of regular BIKES) met on Tuesdays at 2pm. Daniel and Peter organized.

August 25 N/A Organizational Meeting
September 1 Marcus Universally dendroidal quasi-images
September 8 Aeolus Shallow root systems in desert landscapes
September 15 Isaac Introduction to F-singularities
September 22 Ruyi Kunz's Theorem
September 29 Seungsu Geometric aspects of F-splitting
October 6 Janina Introduction to group cohomology, Hochschild cohomology, and Hopf algebras
October 13 Jian Kahler differentials and the Hoschild cohomology ring
October 20 Daniel Hochschild cohomology and group cohomology
October 27 Sandra D-modules and differential operators
November 3 Trung D-modules and differential operators
November 10 Vaibhav D-modules and differential operators
November 17 Josh Rational homotopy theory
November 24 Peter Rational homotopy theory
December 1 Daniel Rational homotopy theory

Summer 2020

This summer, we decided to have virtual BIKES! As such, we temporarily rebranded as UNICYCLES (Utah's New International Commutative algebra You-Can-Learn-Electronically Seminar). We meet Mondays 10-11am MT on Zoom. Daniel and Peter organized.

May 25 Peter Computing Rf_*F for coherent sheaves on projective space
June 1 Vaibhav Finiteness properties of local cohomology modules: an extended example
June 15 Jenny The depth of powers of an ideal
June 22 Jian Classifying thick subcategories of the stable category of maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules over a hypersurface
June 29 Sandra Some invariants in prime characteristic
July 6 Trung Another proof of Kunz's theorem
July 13 JJ Tilting equivalence: the key ingredient to perfectoid spaces
July 20 Misc. Research chats
July 27 Shalom Valuation domains and the Frobenius endomorphism
August 3 Sudipta Quantifying singularities using differential signature
August 10 Daniel TBD

Spring 2020

We meet Thursdays from 11:10 am to 12:00 noon in JWB 208. The plan this semester is to present one important and accessible paper in CA each week from February onwards. This semester BIKES was organized by Vaibhav.

January 9 Josh Cohomology operators
January 16 Thomas Basic elements theorem
January 23 Ben Hochschild cohomology
January 30 Eloísa An introduction to characteristic p
February 6 Wei Support varieties and cohomology over CIs
February 13 Janina Support varieties and cohomology over CIs
February 20 Jian Support varieties and cohomology over CIs
February 27 Daniel Total Betti numbers of modules of finite projective dimension
March 5 Vaibhav Cohomological dimension of ideals defining Veronese subrings
March 26 JJ Homology of Noetherian and local rings
April 2 Peter Stability of associated primes
April 9 Isaac A remark concerning multiplicities
April 16 Jenny FI-modules
April 23 Janina The dimension of an intersection in an ambient hypersurface

Fall 2019

We meet Wednesdays from 3:10pm to 4:00pm in JWB 108. This semester BIKES was organized by Vaibhav.

August 30 Vaibhav Basics of homological algebra
September 6 Janina Resolutions of modules and derived functors
September 13 Sam Depth and projective dimension
September 20 Wei Regular local rings
September 27 Trung Cohen Macaulay rings
October 4 Faith Injective modules and injective hulls
October 18 Robert Introduction to representation staility
October 25 Peter Matlis duality
November 1 Pinches Gorenstein rings
November 8 Daniel Introduction to local cohomology modules
November 15 Jian Local cohomology modules- various definitions
November 29 JJ Cohomological dimension
December 6 Isaac Arithmetic rank

Spring 2019

We meet Thursdays from 11:00am to noon in JWB 335. This semester BIKES was organized by Janina.

January 10 Sam Invariance under group action
January 17 Vaibhav Invariance under group action
January 24 Jenny Invariance under group action
January 31 Ben Invariance under group action
February 7 Patricia Klein
February 14 Peter Characteristic p
February 21 Dan Characteristic p
February 28 Thomas Characteristic p
March 7 Wei Local cohomology
March 21 Jenny Local cohomology
March 28 Thomas Local cohomology
April 4 Daniel BGG
April 11 Janina BGG
April 25 Pinches BGG

Fall 2018

We meet Thursdays from 11:45am to 12:45pm in JWB 308. This semester BIKES was organized by Janina.

August 30 Vaibhav An example of a ring of smooth functions
September 6 Jenny Local Cohomology Modules
September 13 Janina Derived Categories
September 20 Thomas Divisor Class Groups of Noetherian domains
September 27 Dan Symbolic powers
October 4 John Koszul complex
October 18 Marcus Tight closure and Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity
October 25 Pinches Auslander-Buchsbaum formula
November 1 Ben Matrix factorization
November 8 Peter The Cohen structure theorem
November 15 Organizational meeting
November 29 Robert M. Walker A Mindfulness Meditation on Primary Decompositions
December 6 Wei Example of an infinite dimensional Noetherian ring

BIKES stands for...

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