PDF Big Cohen-Macaulay Test Ideals of Mixed Characteristic Toric Schemes

A formula for computing the Big Cohen-Macaulay test ideal for monomial ideals of mixed characteristic toric schemes. Of particular interest is that this formula is consistent with the formula for the multiplier ideal and test ideal in equal characteristic.

PDF The TestIdeals Package for Macaulay2
with A. Boix, D. Hernandez, Z. Kadyrsizova, M. Katzman, S. Malec, K. Schwede, D. Smolkin, P. Teixeira and E. Witt

Documentation for the TestIdeals package for Macaulay2.

PDF Explicit Hilbert-Kunz functions of 2 x 2 determinantal rings
with Irena Swanson
Pacific Journal of Mathematics 275 (2015)

We give a closed formula for the generalized Hilbert-Kunz function of 2 x 2 determinental rings in arbitrary characteristic.