Math Circles
Instructor and TA
September 2018 - Present

The Math Circle program offers local high school students a chance to work on problems focused on the process of discovery and open-ended exploration. The program is designed to introduce students to the deeper kinds of mathematical thinking that are often absent in most standard curricula.

Directed Reading Program
Founder and Graduate Mentor
January 2019 - Present

The Directed Reading Program matches graduate student mentors with undergraduate student for a semester long reading project. The program is open to students of all abilities and gives undergraduates the opportunity to explore mathematics outside the standard curriculum. In the spring of 2019 the program had 21 undergraduate participants. I, along with two other graduate students, helped start and run the program. I am also currently mentoring a project.

Summer Number Theory Camp
Summer 2018

The summer math program at the University of Utah is a four week intesnive program that gives local high school students the chance to. Participants work closely with counselors exploring a series of problems related to number theory. The students are asked to experiment with the subject, form conjectures and then justify them rigorously.