My book, Multiplicities and Chern Classes in Local Algebra, has recently been published by Cambridge University Press. The topics covered include the Chow group, Samuel Multiplicities, Intersection Multiplicities, and relations with the homological conjectures in Commutative Algebra. The book also includes a self-contained descritpion of the theory of local Chern characters and their applications to these conjectures. The chapters are:

1. Prime ideals and the Chow group
A brief description of the basic properties of prime ideals in Noetherian rings and the definition of the Chow group.

2. Graded rings and Samuel multiplicity
The theory of Hilbert polynomials of graded rings and of local rings and the definitions of multiplicities defined by the leading coefficients of Hilbert polynomials. This chapter also includes basic facts about dimension in local rings and mixed and Buchsbaum-Rim multiplicities.

3. Complexes and derived functors
The theory of derived functors, ordinary and double complexes, and the Koszul complex.

4. Homological properties of rings and modules
Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein rings, the definition of dimension used in Intersection Theory, and basic properties of injective modules and dualizing complexes.

5. Intersection multplicities
Intersection with divisors in the affine case, further properties of the Koszul complex, and Serre intersection multiplicities.

6. The homological conjectures
A brief outline of the homological conjectures, including Serre's conjectures (and theorems) on intersection multiplicities, the Intersection Theorem, and conjectures related to this theorem. These include the Improved New Intersection Conjecture, the Monomial Conjecture, and the Canonical Element Conjecture.

7. The Frobenius map
Properties of the Frobenius map for rings of positive characteristic and applications to the homological conjectures. This chapter also includes brief descriptions of Hilbert-Kunz and Dutta multiplicities and of tight closure.

8. Projective schemes
Basic properties of projective schemes defined by graded and multi-graded rings. Also discussed are the Hilbert polynomial for multi-graded rings, intersection with divisiors on projective schemes, and functorial properties of the Chow group for projective maps.

9. Chern classes of locally free sheaves
The basic properties of sheaves defined by graded modules and the theory of Chern classes and Chern characters for locally free sheaves. The push-forward of a complex of sheaves by a projective map.

10. The Grassmannian
The Grassmannian of rank r subsheaves of a locally free sheaf.

11. Local Chern characters
Definition and basic properties of local Chern characters defined by bounded complexes of locally free sheaves. Relations with Samuel multiplicity.

12. Properties of local Chern characters
Further properties of local Chern characters. The additivity and multiplicativity properties and the local Riemann-Roch formula.

13. Applications and examples
Applications to the Serre vanishing conjecture and the Intersection theorem. Examples of negative intersection multiplicities and examples of the Todd class of a local ring.

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