Homepage of Patrick Reynolds

Affiliation Wylie Post-Doc, partially supported by RTG: Algebraic Geometry and Topology
Office 124 JWB
Phone 312.504.8413
Email reynolds AT math DOT utah DOT (you know)
Mailing Address Department of Mathematics,
University of Utah
155 S 1400 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Teaching, Spring 2014


Research interests

My primary area of research is geometric group theory.

My research so far has focused on questions around the dynamics of the outer automorphism group of a free group, the structure of trees in the boundary of Outer space, and algebraic laminations on the free group.

Additionally, I have an interest in symbolic dynamics, ergodic theory, and non-standard analysis.


  1. On indecomposable trees in the boundary of Outer space
  2. Dynamics of irreducible endomorphisms of F_n
  3. Indecomposable trees and minimal laminations, with T. Coulbois and A. Hilion
  4. Reducing systems for very small trees
  5. The boundary of the complex of free factors, with M. Bestvina
  6. Constructing non-uniquely ergodic arational trees, with B. Mann